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‘Chainsaw Man’ Episode 9 Release Date, Spoilers: Will Himeno Come Back To Life?

December 1, 2022

In Episode 9 of Chainsaw Man, Denji will get back on his feet to fight the new devil. Fans will also see what Aki will do next after Himeno gave her life for him, but is she really dead?

The final episode started off well until an expected turn of events occurred. She took a dark turn that could continue in Chainsaw Man Episode 9.

New power monsters and devils appeared in Chainsaw Man Episode 8, resulting in Himeno’s death. The anime is only in its eighth episode, but things are already getting crazier than usual.

The amount of blood and gore will increase in the next episode and fans can expect it to be insane. With the huge budget that the creators and their studio MAPPA are spending on this project, it promises to feature some of the biggest fights in anime history.

So fans will have to wait and see how Denji’s Chainsaw Man will fight the Katana Man in Chainsaw Man Episode 9.

The last episode also left a huge cliffhanger, and there are theories that Himeno or Makima aren’t actually dead. Both could return to life through their contracts with the devils.

However, other members of Division Four may really have met their end. Therefore, Denji will surely make a move and face Katana Man before either of them die.

Also, it could be that the mysterious blonde woman can escape. This might be the right time for the Gun Devil to show up because the man at the ramen restaurant mentioned him as if they had already met.

That could mean he’s just hiding somewhere, and Denji and the rest of the gang could learn his whereabouts in Chainsaw Man Episode 9 after his minions show up.

Meanwhile, in Chainsaw Man Episode 8, Himeno and Denji returned to their apartment. Himeno asked Denji if he wanted to sleep with her and he agreed.

However, to his confusion, he later refused when he saw the lollipop Makima gave him. However, Himeno was glad they didn’t sleep together when she woke up the next morning as she had feelings for Aki.

Makima and her assistant were later shot in the head and killed, as were other members of Division Four, with it not being revealed who survived. A strange man then attacked Denji, Power, Aki and Himeno.

Aki let his Fox Devil eat the man, but he turned out to be a devil-human hybrid like Denji and appeared to be the katana man. Aki killed the enemy with his Escape Devil, but a mysterious blonde woman resurrected him.

Himeno rescued Aki after making a deal with her Ghost Devil. Himeno suddenly disappeared after the blond woman summoned the snake devil to devour Himeno’s spirit devil.

We’ll see how it goes when Chainsaw Man Episode 9 airs on Tuesday, December 6th.