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‘Chainsaw Man’ Episode 8 release date, spoilers: The start of the new story arc

November 25, 2022

In the upcoming Chainsaw Man Episode 8, a new story arc, Katana Man, will begin after the Eternity Devil arc was completed last week. This means that the first arc will soon be over, although it is not yet known when the second arc will appear.

Of course, the Denji mystery will continue in Chainsaw Man Episode 8. The next episode will continue the events of the previous episode, with Denji and Himeno sharing a bed.

Denji might finally answer Himeno’s question, hinting at the beginning of the new arc. The Katana Man arc will start off with a bang compared to the previous story arcs.

The anime could fully adapt the opening moments of the arc in the manga, although there could be an anime-only scene between Himeno and Aki as seen in the trailer. This might confuse viewers who have read the manga.

However, Chainsaw Man Episode 8 and later events will attempt to resolve this confusion. The explanations to the fans’ questions may also be revealed in the second episode.

Meanwhile, in Chainsaw Man Episode 7, Denji was seen constantly beating the Eternity Devil. Power noticed that Denji was losing a lot of blood but kept fighting the devil.

Himeno remembered the conversation she had with Kishibe after seeing Denji. Kishibe revealed that the devils feared the devil hunters who were not entirely sane.

This made Himeno think that Aki was too sensible for the job. Back to the fight: Denji drank the Eternal Devil’s blood every time he inflicted an injury on him.

Seeing Denji fight, Himeno realized he was able to successfully defeat the Gun Devil. He even managed to kill the Eternity Devil after three days, which finally gave them a chance to leave the hotel.

Himeno suggested that Aki throw a welcome party for the newcomers so that Division 4 could also unite. Aki wanted to invite Makima over, but Himeno wondered if Makima knew Denji’s true identity.

Then the party took place and Denji reminded Himeno of their agreement. Himeno told him that she had to drink a few more beers.

The newcomers began to introduce themselves. Arai claimed he had a contract with the Fox Devil while Kobeni kept their contract a secret.

Then Makima came and heard Denji talking about Himeno’s kiss. Aki asked Maki if she knew anything about Denji, but she prompted him to trump her before saying so.

Aki failed, and Himeno later got up to kiss Denji, though she also pissed him off. After the party, Himeno carried Denji to his home.

You can see what’s next when Chainsaw Man Episode 8 airs on Wednesday, November 30th.