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‘Chainsaw Man’ Episode 2 Release Date, Spoilers: Introducing the upcoming characters

October 13, 2022

After a long wait, Denji has finally made his way to the small screen in the premiere of Chainsaw Man. While the first episode only introduced the protagonist and his trusty dog ​​Pochita, Episode 2 of Chainsaw Man introduces more characters.

Fans finally saw the anime version of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s brainchild and weren’t disappointed. That means all eyes are now on Chainsaw Man Episode 2.

Makima appears at the end of the first episode, hinting at the important role she will play. It looks like she will take matters into her own hands and Denji will be under her care.

Makima will use Denji in her devil hunt. As her adventure begins, Makima wants to enslave Denji.

While the first episode adapted the entire first chapter of the manga, the same could be said in Chainsaw Man Episode 2. New characters will be introduced, and there will be less chaos and more character development.

So who are the upcoming characters? First of all there is Makima.

Fans have already seen Makima in the first episode, but she hasn’t been officially introduced yet. She is a senior public security devil hunter in charge of her own groups, the Tokyo Public Security Special Division 4 and the Tokyo Special Division 5.

Denji will eventually be part of the first group offered by Makima at the end of the first episode. Makima looks gentle, kind, and kind, but underneath she is a strong woman and strict with her people.

Next is Aki Hayakawa. He is one of the main characters of the series and a high-ranking public safety devil hunter. He will work alongside Denji in Chainsaw Man Episode 2 as part of Makima’s Tokyo Special Division 4 Squad.

Known for his stoic, mature, and outspoken personality, he can even be rude at times, especially when dealing with fellow felhunters. But behind this attitude is a kind and loving soul that can easily empathize with others. He even hates hurting others.

Finally, fans will learn about the Public Safety Group, a government organization that bans devil hunters from doing their jobs, which the Japanese government approves. Your goal is to eliminate all devils, although there are important exceptions.

It consists of a council of higher authorities that make decisions and impose penalties. It presents itself as a well-run organization, although no one knows how it works.

Chainsaw Man Episode 2 will be released on Tuesday October 18th.