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‘Chainsaw Man’ Episode 2 Release Date, Spoilers: Introducing 2 main characters and their importance to the story

October 18, 2022

A Twitter user shares a first look at Chainsaw Man Episode 2, which focuses on Denji. At the beginning of the anime, two important characters and their importance to the story are introduced.

The anime adaptation of Denji’s story has finally started. Now that Chainsaw Man Episode 2 is about to be released, the image seems to hint at the aftermath of what happened in the first episode.

The first still of the next episode gives a full view of Denji. Wide-eyed, the boy gazes into trauma after the events of the first episode.

From the looks of him, he seems to be doing his best to keep his emotions under wraps. However, after the official launch of Makima, he will no longer be in this situation.

Only Denji and Pochita have been introduced in the premiere episode so far. So, Chainsaw Man Episode 2 is expected to introduce some of its main characters.

Aki could also be featured alongside Makima, and their connection in the series will finally be seen on the small screen. Are they the two main characters that will be introduced in the next episode?

These characters are not mentioned in the first episode and will play important roles as the series progresses. Also, fans will get to know Denji’s life as a public safety devil hunter.

While it’s by no means luxurious, it’s a vast improvement over his life with Pochita alone. The arrival of the mysterious woman at the end of the episode also hints at the new world that awaits Denji.

Meanwhile, Chainsaw Man Episode 1 titled Dog & Chainsaw began with the introduction of the main character Denji. The protagonist is just a little boy who faces a big guilt.

Luckily, he eventually gets hired as a devil hunter along with his trusty dog, Pochita, who is also the Chainsaw Devil. One day the pup takes him to a warehouse and tells him that they have allied themselves with the zombie devil.

From there things got more and more violent. A fight ensued, and suddenly Pochita’s blood rushed into Denji’s organs.

Things took their course and Denji became a hybrid devil. By the end of the episode, fans officially saw Denji as the chainsaw man, and only Makima knew his true identity.

The story is just beginning, and fans will soon learn more when Chainsaw Man Episode 2 airs on Tuesday, October 18th.