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‘Chainsaw Man’ Chapter 118 release date, spoilers: will Yoru’s plan to weaponize Denji succeed?

January 12, 2023

Yoru fails to turn Denji into a weapon in Chainsaw Man Chapter 118. In fact, there’s no way they can turn Denji into their sword.

Yoru’s plan will never work in Chainsaw Man Chapter 118. So how will she react in the next episode?

Yoru will get the biggest surprise when she learns that she cannot turn Denji into her weapon. She still doesn’t know that Denji is the chainsaw man and that’s why she can never use him as her arm.

Yoru should have let Asa and Denji spend more time together. The chemistry between the two is now developing and it becomes cute and funny.

Still, fans can’t help but feel sad for the two as there doesn’t seem to be a chance Denji can have a normal love story. Despite this, many wish to see him happy.

Elsewhere in the Chainsaw Man Chapter 118 spoilers, we see Denji trying to turn Asa into her sword. He touches her back and says: Asa spiral sword, but to no avail.

Asa thinks it might be because Denji didn’t fall in love with her. At school, Denji invites Asa on a night out at the movies, but she declines.

She wants to rent a video instead because it’s a lot cheaper. Denji asks if she has a VCR at home and since she doesn’t have one but he does, Asa decides to go to his place instead.

This surprises Denji, who explains to Asa that she has to abide by his house rules. It means death if she breaks them in Chainsaw Man Chapter 118. Little do they know that Haruka is overhearing their conversation as they talk.

In Chapter 117 of The Chainsaw Man, Denji was surprised to find himself obeying Asa’s orders after refusing to follow anyone else. But all his worries were gone when he saw a penguin staring at him.

Denji had already disappeared from the aquarium while Asa faced the Eternity Devil who cursed the Hunger Devil and attacked Asa. Hirofumi then beat the Eternity Devil with Octopus Devil.

Yoru controlled Asa’s body and was surprised that Asa felt guilty for destroying the aquarium. She then threw the aquarium spear at the Eternity Devil and tore it up.

The Felhunter Club was shocked when they saw Asa’s power. Femi left when she saw Hirofumi. Denji wanted to keep the penguin, but a worker took it away.

Denji escorted Asa home and asked her to go on another date with him and promised to teach her how to have the best date. Asa agreed while Yoru was surprised to feel affection for Denji.

But what she sensed were Asa’s feelings, for she began to like Denji. This made Yoru happy because they could finally put their plan into action. So she put her hand on Denji’s head and said: Denji spinal sword to make him her weapon.

You can see what’s next when Chainsaw Man Chapter 118 comes out on Tuesday, January 17th.