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‘Chainsaw Man’ Chapter 117 release date, spoilers: will Asa’s plans work out?

January 6, 2023

Chapter 117 of Chainsaw Man will show if Asa’s plan to turn a fish tank into a weapon works. With Denji’s help, Asa has raised one million yen to buy the aquarium she intends to use her powers on.

The war devil had told Asa that she must possess something in order to use her powers. It had to be a person or an object that had some value to her, so she decided to own an aquarium to turn it into an aquarium spear. So will it work in Chainsaw Man Chapter 117?

Unfortunately, like most of Asa’s plans, this plan may not work. Should it succeed, however, it would be a huge step towards revealing Asa’s true power as the War Devil Host.

The War Devil can turn anything into a weapon if it knows it belongs to its host. While it remains to be seen if this works, fans are sure to see the Eternity Devil.

It will be the second time the Eternity Devil appears in the manga, allowing it to take revenge on Denji in Chainsaw Man Chapter 117 after being defeated by the protagonist in the first volume. If this devil makes contact with the hungry devil, there is a good chance that he has become much stronger today.

So fans might finally get to witness Denji transform into the chainsaw man in front of Asa’s eyes and she realizes that everything he’s been saying all along is true.

In Chapter 116 of Chainsaw Man, Asa and Denji became friends over food and ate starfish together. Though Asa didn’t like it, their true bond began from there.

Denji even revealed that Asa reminded him of a former friend who many thought was Power. Later, Asa hatched a plan to escape from the aquarium.

She imagined that she and Denji went around stealing money to raise about one million yen. She used the money to buy an aquarium so she could have something valuable to turn into a weapon.

Elsewhere, Denji has also spoken about his private life with Nayuta. Fans had been looking forward to Nayuta’s second appearance, and a new update on her safety and Denji’s plans to make sure she can lead a normal life only heated the series up even more.

Fans will soon learn more when Chainsaw Man Chapter 117 releases on Wednesday, January 11th.