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‘Chainsaw Man’ Chapter 116 release date, spoilers: The developing bond between Asa and Denji

December 30, 2022

In Chainsaw Man Chapter 116, fans will see Denji trying to find out more about Asa’s motivations for asking him out on a date. From the looks of it, the upcoming episode will mainly focus on the developing relationship between the two.

Denji and Asa begin to bond, which could continue into Chainsaw Man Chapter 116 and beyond. So where will their relationship go?

Fans have been predicting the growing bond between Asa and Denji, and it’s a beautiful sight for them to see it begin to unfold. So how close will they get?

There are theories that their closeness may go so far as to reveal their status as a devil-human hybrid to one another. However, this could have a big impact on the second part of the series, since this kind of revelation could affect their relationship.

Additionally, it might be impossible for Chainsaw Man Chapter 116 to shift the perspective to Yoru and Fami, the war devil and the hunger devil, and the conversation between the two. The attention is now on Asa and Denji, so the focus can only be on them. Therefore, many expect that there will be a big reveal.

Meanwhile, in Chapter 115 of Chainsaw Man, Asa described Hell’s aquarium as endless corridors, and the hands of the clock stopped moving once inside. The toilets in the washrooms didn’t work and the fish rotted and started to stink.

Asa tried to get her out, but he lay lifeless next to Haruka Iseumi, who accused her of breaking her phone and thus losing the chance to escape. Yoshida claimed he had a phone, but that it was dangerous to communicate with the outside world, even though support had already arrived three days ago.

Despite the arrival of help, Denji could not see the devil. When asked if the Chainsaw Man would eat the Death Devil, he said he could even sense the presence of death.

He then looked for Asa in the dressing room, who apologized and confessed that she intended to use him as a weapon when she asked him out. Denji followed her into the cabin and offered her a starfish as he was allergic to fish.

However, Asa could not accept the offer due to lack of courage or moral dilemma, when in reality she did not know how to distinguish right from wrong. We’ll see how it goes when Chainsaw Man Chapter 116 comes out on Wednesday, January 4th.