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‘Chainsaw Man’ Chapter 113 Release Date, Spoilers: Manga may be paused indefinitely after next chapter release

November 30, 2022

Chainsaw Man will probably take a break if Tatsuki Fujimoto’s tweet is to be believed. Chainsaw Man Chapter 113 is coming out next week, after which the mangaka will likely take a hiatus, indefinitely.

Fujimoto is not commenting on the reasons for the break or how long it will last. The news comes after there were rumors that the manga will return to its two-week continuation schedule, although Chainsaw Man Chapter 113 will stick to its original release date.

The tweet in question comes from the Twitter handle @nagayama_koharu, which SportsKeeda has confirmed belongs to the manga creator. It was previously reported that he was impersonating his younger sister when using this account to communicate with fans in the third person and in a different context.

It is therefore assumed that the update of the account came from the manga artist himself. With rumors that the manga is set to resume biweekly instead of weekly, an indefinite hiatus isn’t what fans are expecting.

However, it’s also possible that the second storyline of the Chainsaw Man overarching plot has just begun. Denji’s impostor has only just been introduced, while the protagonist himself and Yoru may be facing and confronting each other for the first time. Also, the third Horseman Devil has just been unveiled.

Meanwhile, the upcoming Chainsaw Man Chapter 113 might show Denji’s or Asa’s perspective as their date is imminent. If it’s Denji’s perspective, then fans can finally see what his life at home is like, which could also be Nayuta’s debut in the second part.

Later, there may be a conversation between Asa and Yoru about Haruka Iseumi along with the mystery girl who fans believe is the Horseman Devil. From there, readers can witness the beginning of Denji and Asa’s date.

Though it’s hard to predict what will happen on their romantic getaway, maybe they’ll finally realize that they’re no different than the rest. The date might make them feel like normal teenagers.

It could also change Asa’s view of Denji. After considering him a bad person who needs to die, she might start thinking positively about him.

But that could cause a fight between Asa and Yoru. The latter might even try to sabotage their date to make sure Asa doesn’t harbor feelings for Denji.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 113 will be released on Tuesday December 6th.