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Chainsaw Man Chapter 108: Will Denji join Asa and Yuko’s confrontation?

October 20, 2022

After Denji didn’t show up at Yuko and Yoru’s fight, fans await his presence in Chainsaw Man Chapter 108. It is now in Asa’s hands to end the fight between Yuko and Yoru after the latter left everything to her.

There are theories that Denji may have been present at Yuko’s and Yoru’s fight and just disguised himself to face the former. So will he take part in the confrontation between Asa, Yuko and Yoru?

Asa will confront Yuko in the next chapter, confused that she seems so obsessed with her. She has no idea what is behind this obsession, but she is confident that after Yoru left everything to Asa, she will not harm her.

Some find Yuko’s obsession with Asa illogical since they’ve only known each other for a short time. So what will Asa do to stop Yuko and her obsession?

Elsewhere, fans are expecting Denji to make an appearance in Chainsaw Man Chapter 108. However, that’s unlikely as the next episode will mainly focus on the confrontation between Asa and Yuko.

But there’s still a chance readers will see Denji before Asa finalizes things with Yuko. As the? Denji might show up to kill Yuko.

Meanwhile, in Chapter 107 of The Chainsaw Man, Yuko was seen attacking Yoru. The other students started freaking out and one rang the alarm. He signaled everyone to leave campus and let them know that a devil had appeared.

Students began to walk, flooding the hallways. Yuko appeared behind them in her guise of the Devil of Justice and asked who put a raw chicken in a shoe closet. A group of girls who bullied Asa looked at Yuko and implied that they were the culprits.

Then Yoru appeared and threw a pencil at Yuko, which turned into a spear, but Yuko caught it. She could read Yuro’s every move and threw him back at her to stab her in the stomach.

Yuko caught up with Asa’s thugs and smashed a girl’s head against the locker, killing her instantly. A stoic-looking student then introduced himself as Seigi Akoku, a member of the Devil Hunter Club.

Yuko attacked him but he dodged her and punched her in the stomach. Yoru threw another spare, which Yuko caught. Another Devil Hunter Club member, Furio, shot a crossbow bolt at Yuko.

Another Slayer came up and attacked Yuko. She later managed to beat the three and returned to Yoru. When Yuko found out about Yoru’s plan, he decided to leave everything to Asa.

What will Asa’s decision be? Find out when Chainsaw Man Chapter 108 releases on Tuesday, October 25th.