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‘Chainsaw Man’ Chapter 107 Release Date, Spoilers: Will Anyone Die Between Yukos and Yuros Fight?

October 14, 2022

In Chainsaw Man Chapter 107, an intense battle begins. Yuko and Yuro are going to have a serious fight. Will anyone stop them, or won’t they stop until someone dies?

There are several theories surrounding Yuros and Yuko’s fight in Chainsaw Man Chapter 107. Who do you think will emerge victorious from this fight?

Fans will witness a bloodbath with their incredible skills in the next chapter. There will be a lot of destruction, but Denji may come to stop it.

He could try to work things out between the two of them, but someone could get killed in the process. There are theories that Yuko could die in either this chapter or the next.

She may have gone to a place she can’t go back to in Chainsaw Man Chapter 107. Sure it will be hard for Asa, but maybe Yuko will find a way to make it out alive.

But how creator Tatsuki Fujimoto thinks is hard to predict; no one knows what might happen next. In fact, the last chapter was a short one, probably in preparation for the great battle to come.

It may be hard for Yuko and Asa to be happy in the Chainsaw Man universe, but fans remain hopeful that there will be a way to salvage their relationship. It might be impossible for the War Devil to be defeated before even facing the Chainsaw Man.

So although Yuko appears to be in danger in Chainsaw Man Chapter 107, she is still difficult to defeat since she can now read minds. But when the fight takes place at school, Denji can transform into the chainsaw man and fight.

In Chainsaw Man Chapter 106, after Yuko’s transformation, Asa was sad and blamed himself for it. She asked Yuro about the possibility of ending her bullying problem since Yuko planned to kill every one of Asa’s classmates.

Asa wanted to stop Yoku, but Yoru didn’t want her to do that. She even made fun of her, stressing that she couldn’t do anything because she was in control of her body.

She also warned them that they would kill Yuko the next day, telling her that the main goal was to kill the chainsaw man. She believed he would show up when she faced Yuko.

If not, Yuro planned to go to the Hunters Club. She didn’t want anyone who knew about her to live.

So she planned to kill all the bad guys, including the chainsaw man. The next day, Yuko saw Yuro coming to school with a sword in his hand.

She used her mind reading ability and realized her intent. She told her to move aside and would fight later after killing the thugs.

Later, Yuko transformed into the Justice Devil. The fight continues in Chainsaw Man Chapter 107 on Tuesday October 18th.