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‘Chainsaw Man’ Chapter 105 release date, spoilers: Asa, Denji may develop a friendship

September 16, 2022

Asa and Denji finally meet, but Asa has no idea that the man in front of her is the real Chainsaw Man. In Chainsaw Man Chapter 105, will Asa know Denji’s true identity?

Asa and Denji’s first meeting was pretty funny when the high school girl called the protagonist a loser. Denji may be keeping a low profile, but he’s desperate to reveal his true identity to lure some girls. Will this happen in Chainsaw Man Chapter 105?

The manga has been going quietly lately, with no fights or intense events to offer. He mainly focuses on character development, although fans have learned why Yoru hates Chainsaw Man.

This hatred seems to be rooted in her, because throwing tantrums is not her style. Will she change as the series progresses?

In the meantime has Epic dope stated that Asa and Denji could develop a friendship in Chainsaw Man Chapter 105 since she doesn’t know his true identity. If this is the case, the second part of the series will certainly be interesting.

Denji is desperate to show the world who he really is. He may even try to reveal his true self, but Hirofumi will surely stop him. He does everything he can to make Denji not do it.

Recent highlights added that there would be a huge mess if Denji managed to reveal his true personality to the world, so Hirofumi has no plans to let him do that. He is even willing to stop Denji by force if necessary.

However, Asa may soon learn of Denji’s true identity. Thankfully, Asa now has a neutral opinion of the chainsaw man. However, the organization may try to use it to its own advantage.

Elsewhere, War Devil may be hatching a plan to get new weapons soon. This means that the peace will not last long and an intense battle could begin soon.

War Devil had fought with Chainsaw Man, but he kept fighting back despite being killed multiple times. As a result, War Devil was defeated.

This is the reason why there was no war after the end of the world war. Chainsaw Man ate part of her body after her defeat, making her weaker, causing War and Terror to subside.

Will War Devil and Chainsaw Man end up working together? Find out when Chainsaw Man Chapter 105 releases on Tuesday, September 27th.