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Chainsaw Man Anime Update: Why the new series has 12 different themed songs at the end

September 20, 2022

Chainsaw Man has finally released its third trailer, which reveals important details about the series. Not only does it introduce the cast of the series, but it also features 12 different themed songs at the end.

Chainsaw Man will consist of 12 episodes, each ending with its own theme song. As this seems new to the world of anime, here’s why the highly anticipated series decided to take this step.

SportsKeeda has found that each ending theme song is perfectly tailored to the events of each episode. So instead of creating one track that captures the mood or theme of the entire season, they chose one track that fits each episode.

Apart from that, the official website of the series has already published a list of the theme songs for the end of the series, which fuels the anime even more and gets the fans excited. Some artists are known for their work in the anime industry.

Others are already household names, having created songs for My Hero Academia, Tokyo Ghoul, and Jujutsu Kaisen. Even though new names have popped up, they already have a solid following within the anime community.

Meanwhile, the new Chainsaw Man trailer has introduced several new characters that fans have never seen before. Readers already know who Denji and Makima are as they are the main characters who go on missions to hunt down the devils.

The clip also features some cute shots of Pochita. So who will be lending their voice to these characters?

comic book reports that Kikunosuke Toya will be the voice behind the protagonist Denji. Tomori Kusunoki will then mentor Makima, while Shogo will play Sakata Aki.

Most recently, the series caused a stir when it cast Fairouz Ai as Power. By the looks of it, the addition of these cast members is making fans even more excited for the Chainsaw Man anime adaptation.

Meanwhile, 300 lucky fans got a chance to see the series at a special premiere hosted by MAPPA itself. An official trailer was subsequently released. During the program, the studio also made some special announcements about its plans for the first season of the series.

Fans who want to learn more about the series can read the manga, now in its 106th chapter, on Manga Plus or the Shonen Jump app. The series tells the story of a poor young man named Denji who is willing to do anything for money, even if it means chasing devils with his devil dog, Pochita.

The anime Chainsaw Man will premiere on October 11th.