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BTS’s V, BLACKPINK’s Jennie Dating Rumors Resurface After Instagram Incident

December 8, 2021

Fans now feel sorry for BLACKPINK’s Jennie after V from BTS accidentally followed her on Instagram. Though V quickly erased the human Chanel, internet users had evidence that it happened, which rekindled the dating rumors about the two.

K-Pop fans were excited after V accidentally hit the follow button next to Jennie’s Instagram picture. Although he tried to undo the following, the damage was already done and the netizens were quick to spot the mistake.

The 25-year-old singer-songwriter boldly raised the issue on WeVese, insisting that it was just a mistake, but it looked like it fell on deaf ears. Angry fans filled the rapper’s account with malicious comments and insults, AllKpop discovered.

Many of them even berated the member of the girl group and accused her of trying to use V to gain more fame. Amid the poisonous allegations against the SOLO hitmaker, many came to her aid and gathered in an online community to defend her.

Some said they felt so bad for Jennie for not having done anything and still being attacked by BTS fans. Another recalled that this wasn’t the first time the group’s followers had terrorized other K-pop artists and wondered why they love doing it so much.

Some even suggested Jennie turn off her comments section so that no one could say negative things about her anymore. Another thing that amazed fans was why she was attacked and not V who made a mistake.

Meanwhile, that incident also sparked rumors that V and Jennie were a couple. A series of dating evidence had now re-surfaced.

KBIZoom revealed that some netizens had noticed the similarities between the two and it looked like they were using some him-and-her stuff. They both have and raised a Pomeranian puppy.

Her ideal husband and ideal wife are also the same. V likes a charming girl who is cold on the outside and warm on the inside, which seems to suit Jennie perfectly.

Alternatively, the How You Like That singer wants a sexy guy who will take good care of her as his girlfriend. Of course, many believe that it relates to V.

Despite the intense assertion between the two, they are silent on the subject and do not even address it once. As a result, the rumor eventually faded, but not before this news got out.

Rumors have it that Jennie is dating BIGBANG member G-Dragon, but that too has yet to be confirmed. On the other hand, V is supposed to be single.