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BTS’s Jin is asking fans not to come to the military training center after details of the draft were revealed

November 25, 2022

Fans are now reacting to the news that BTS’ Jin is enlisting on December 13th. Although no one has yet confirmed the official enlistment date, the K-pop idol has already asked his fans not to come to the military training center when he enlists.

Yesterday, the date, location, and other important details about Jin’s draft were revealed. Although BTS’ agency BigHit Music can’t confirm the claims, fans are already planning what to do next.

A AllKpoparticle showed fans’ reaction to the topic, with one saying she’d be waiting for him there. Another claimed it would be good to see him off after his December 4th birthday.

Another said it was a shame he wasn’t cleared, while one questioned why the military would release this private information about his draft.

Jin then broke his own silence on the matter. Although he didn’t confirm the news either, he did address the details. Twitter user @btstranslation7 translated the oldest BTS member’s post on WeVerse, via Hindustan Timesand said there was an article he didn’t want to publish.

In any case, ARMYs, please do not come to the training center, he explained. The K-pop star knew there would be a lot of people and that being stuck in a large crowd could be dangerous for many, especially after the Itaewon tragedy last month. Army, I love you, he finished his message.

Once again, fans reacted to his post. A fan asked why Jin had to care about someone else’s negligence, meaning someone who gave out their draft dates. Another said he was angry at the military for leaking the private information, as the hitmaker appeared to want to speak out privately.

With the announcement unconfirmed, surely many reporters, YouTubers, and fans would be at military training when the day of his enlistment came. So one fan asked everyone not to go there too.

An unnamed military source said Jin would be drafted into the unit after five weeks of boot camp training. Industry officials also claimed that he entered the recruiting training center in Yeoncheon County, Gyeonggi Province.

However, in a statement released after the news spread like wildfire, BigHit said it was difficult to confirm the information and asked for everyone’s understanding. Jin will celebrate his 30th birthday on December 4th, which makes him 31st in Korean culture.