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BTS V Return to Acting: Frank Wildhorn Expresses Interest in Kim Taehyung to Star in Musical Jekyll & Hyde

July 1, 2022

Fans are awaiting BTS V’s return to acting and it could be soon after American composer Frank Wildhorn expressed interest in having the idol in the musical Jekyll & Hyde. Will the ARMYs see Kim Taehyung on a different stage this time?

Frank Wildhorn is known for composing Broadway musicals including Jekyll & Hyde. He’s also behind Whitney Houston’s hit Where Do Broken Hearts Go, so will V be his talent too?

In an interview with Korean media, via AllKpop, the famed composer thought it would be great to see the K-pop star in the cult musical, based on the novella The Curious Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson from 1886. Therefore, he sent a love call to the artist, hoping that he would accept the offer.

Wildhorn revealed that he would like the Sweet Night singer to play the role of Jekyll, the show’s main character. Interest began when he saw V on Instagram preparing for a concert and testing the sound before the event, after his friends asked him to take a quick look.

There, he witnessed how he sang This is the moment, a piece from Jekyll & Hyde play. As he knows BTS members are now doing their solo activities, he has one request: he wants the reporters to let V know that he likes him to be part of his musical.

I have no way of contacting

so I’m asking the reporters to let him know, he explained.

Wildhorn referred to the post where V was warming his voice in a bangtan bomb, singing with his raw voice without any props. It’s not the first time he has received a musical offer, thanks to his powerful baritone voice and wide vocal range, attracting many musical producers.

Meanwhile, fans are also waiting for V to return to acting after fans saw his great acting skills in the K-drama Hwarang: Poet, Warrior and Youth. After debuting on the show, his followers are now looking forward to seeing him on the small or big screen again.

This time they want to see him in a leading role. It looks like her wish will soon come true after V was spotted dating Broker director Hirokazu Koreeda.

The BTS member attended the film’s VIP premiere and reportedly chatted with the director, how Meaww reported. The event was posted by actor Kang Dong Won on his YouTube channel and was quickly celebrated by fans. Is this a hint at the possible collaboration between V and Hirokazu Koreeda?