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BTS V, BLACKPINK Jennie Dating Rumors: A new photo of Jennie and V together has surfaced

August 29, 2022

A new photo of V (BTS) and Jennie (BLACKPINK) surfaced on Sunday, August 28, further fueling dating claims. But just like with the other alleged snaps of the two, fans are arguing whether the photo is real or just Photoshopped.

V and Jennie’s new photo once again went viral online. Does it prove the two are really dating as more pictures of them keep coming to light?

The photo in question, that AllKpop received shows the two very close together. They once again stood in front of the mirror and snapped a selfie while wearing matching Winnie the Pooh shirts.

They wore the same face masks, with V wearing a beanie while Jennie donned a crocheted bucket hat.

The photo appears to have been taken by the BLACKPINK member herself as she was seen holding her phone. Some fans assumed their iCloud was hacked and their shared pictures were leaked if they were real. See the photo

boyfriends #tannie #JENNIE #TAEHYUNG

– taennie (@fegettal) August 28, 2022

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While people continue to talk about them, their labels, YG Entertainment and BigHit Entertainment, remain silent.

As TodayOnline reported, the new photos of V and Jennie started circulating online again on August 23. A Twitter account first shared a picture of the solo hitmaker snapping a shot of V while getting her hair done.

A day later, another photo was posted by the same Twitter account. A man believed by many to be V was seen leaning on a woman believed to be Jennie.

This time the man used his cell phone to take a mirror selfie. Some fans claimed that the mirror they were using had been featured several times on V’s previous posts, leading to the assumption that the photo was taken at the BTS member’s home.

To make matters worse, Jennie is reportedly in New York to promote BLACKPINK’s upcoming album Born Pink with her groupmates Lisa, Jisoo and Rose. As luck would have it, V is also in the Big Apple for professional reasons.

However, YG Entertainment made a clean sweep when they announced the group’s departure on August 25, and they would be on a tight schedule in the US. They were also scheduled to perform at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards and do other promotional activities for their second album.

With these leaked photos, fans have warned Jennie about those around her, believing they may have leaked her snaps if they’re real. However, others can’t help but say that the images are just edited.