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BTS V, BLACKPINK Jennie Dating Rumor: New leaked photo shows alleged couple sleeping in same bed

September 19, 2022

Rumors that BTS’s V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie are dating continue. Another photo has surfaced online and it seems to indicate that the two slept in the same bed.

On Saturday, September 17th, a new photo of V circulated online showing him in a bed that appears to be similar to Jennie’s. Because of the similarities, one post even had 400,000 views on that date.

V also cuddled with a cat. Sure, the snap looked random, but it wasn’t until the net community noticed the patterns on the sheets and pillows.

Koreaboo found that online users felt the patterns looked familiar because they matched Jennie’s sheets. They said the patterns had already been featured in one of their vlogs on YouTube.

They also claimed that the cat V was snuggling with bore uncanny resemblances to Jennie’s mother’s cat. As Jennie and V’s date rumors spiral out of control, fans are left wondering why the agencies of BTS and BLACKPINK members, Big Hit Entertainment and YG Entertainment are keeping silent.

A fan asked what the two labels are doing in light of the leaked photos of their talents. It looks like they need to act quickly, he said.

Another admitted that given the constant leaks, they don’t seem interested in the rumors being true. In fact, they didn’t want to know the truth about it anymore.

Wow, that’s insane. What do the labels even do?, asked a netizen. Finally, one said he didn’t think he’d see an idol’s bed, which made him feel sorry for V.’s fans.

Anyway, this fan wanted V and Jennie to end up together. Can you imagine what would happen if they split up? he asked.

Also leaked were photos of V and Jennie from Born Pink’s private party, like India TV News reported. They were reportedly spotted hugging and dancing the night away together.

The alleged private party took place at a cultural complex in Seongsu-dong in Seoul and was attended by South Korea’s most famous stars. Korean news outlet JTBC also claimed that in addition to Jennie, V also hung out with other BLACKPINK members Jisoo, Rose and Lisa.

These leaked photos are just some of the allegedly many snaps of them together that have been circulating online. Still, many believe the alleged pictures of Jennie and V are fake and just edited.