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BTS RM is planning its own art exhibition to show off its private collection

June 29, 2022

RM of BTS spoke about his love for art on the Art Basel podcast Intersections, which aired on Tuesday, June 28th. Aside from his fondness for various works of art, the leader of the group is also planning his own exhibition with his private collection.

Fans know RM has a passion for art. In fact, you can often see him in various art museums and galleries. He also showcases his personal collection on social media.

On the podcast, he spoke out loud AllKpop about the first work of art he acquired and about his plans for the future. He also revealed that he plans to open a small exhibition to showcase his private collection.

He said he felt that the lack of art galleries in Korea meant that people didn’t get a chance to see beautiful artworks. It’s the first time I’m saying this, but seriously, I’m planning to do a small exhibition of my private collection, he said.

The exhibition could also have a café on the first floor, while his collection will be on display on the second and third floors. That way people can see his collection if they just want to.

The rapper explained that there aren’t many major Korean artists because there are few museums and galleries in the country. That’s why he wants to build his own collection.

teen vogue added that RM first became interested in art when he was bored while on tour in the US and Europe in 2018. He had to do something at the time while waiting for his performances and rehearsals, so he went to the Art Institute of Chicago.

There he experienced the beautiful and historical works of various artists and saw his life and art in a larger context. Although famous artists like Picasso and Monet are already dead, it gave him a new kick in life.

RM stressed that he didn’t want to divide the art world, but he had noticed that most visual artists and painters only found fame after they died. Your soul is really a long-lasting thing, a long-term thing, he said.

But these works of art inspired him. Seeing someone paint in their 20s, change their concept in their 30s, and start sculpting in their 40s gives him courage.

Being only 29 years old in Korea, he knows things will be different when he is 30 years old. The BTS member still sees himself as a young man.

But in the K-pop world, turning 30 is different. While it’s sad, RM can’t deny it’s true.