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BTS Jin Breaks Silence on Conscription; HYBE would like faster decision-making

April 11, 2022

Talks about BTS’s mandatory military service continue to this day. When the HYBE Corporation voices its concerns about the still pending decision, Jin, the oldest member of the group, breaks his silence about it.

As the oldest member of the group, Jin could be the first BTS member to be called up. However, the Korean National Assembly has yet to decide on it.

RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook attended a press conference at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas ahead of their second day of Las Vegas concerts. Answering a question about the group’s military service, Jin said via Hindustan Times, as translated by Twitter user @modooborahae, that he has spoken to the company about it and has entrusted it with all military service-related tasks.

I think what we said in the company will soon be our words, he added. HYBE CCO Lee Jin Hyung revealed the Butter hitmakers have put the matter of military service in their company’s hands, according to Soompi.

BTS has consistently said they will heed the call of duty when the nation calls for it. However, as the policy regarding military service has changed and the members have been confronted with the changes to the military service law that they did not expect, they are now monitoring the situation and discussing the issue with their company.

With said change, the BTS members are now having a difficult time as the timing of their possible military service is unpredictable. Since this is affecting their plans, they are keeping a close eye on the proposed change.

According to AllKpop, HYBE Corporations would like the Korean National Assembly to make their decision regarding BTS’s military duty. In the meantime, the public is also giving its opinion on the matter.

Dispatch partnered with Macromill Embrain to conduct a survey on April 6 of public awareness of special cases of military service. It included 1,000 South Korean participants between the ages of 14 and 59.

About 89% agreed that people who have made a major contribution to the country should receive benefits. Alternatively, 78% agreed that cultural workers, like BTS, can provide alternative services.

However, it has been reported that little is known about the ins and outs of the culture agent system by the general public. Some therefore felt that some ground rules for the system and clearer standards for the future should be laid down. To this day, no one knows if BTS will serve their mandatory military service.