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BTOB Yook Sungjae Dating Rumors: Fans Gather Evidence To Prove He Is Dating A Social Media Influencer

April 21, 2022

BTOB’s Yook Sungjae is now amid dating rumors after fans allegedly heard his voice in a social media post by a well-known influencer. As a result, eager fans have done their research and collected some evidence to prove the claim.

The identity of the famous influencer was not revealed, hence her nickname Ms.A. She posted an Instagram Story which allegedly featured a male voice that sounded like Sungjae.

So is there any truth to that?

Koreaboo noted in her post that Ms A. was playing golf. Coincidentally, the K-pop star also played golf at the time.

In fact, he also shared a photo of himself playing golf on Instagram Story. Not only that, fans also noticed that they were on a similar golf course.

From there, fans began accumulating a body of evidence that showed the two were, in fact, a couple. They found out that the two had the same phone case.

They also learned that Ms A. was following a BTOB member, Peniel, on Instagram. This quickly led to speculation that he had introduced Ms. A to Sungjae.

Peniel is known for its large social circle made up of influencers and artists, so this might not be far-fetched. Fans have also found out that Ms. A is a well-known TikTok star with a sexy image.

To put a stop to all of these claims, CUBE Entertainment broke its silence on them. It emphasized that the rumors that were being circulated were not true at all and Ms. A and Sungjae were just friends.

However, Ms A has now taken down her social media accounts. CUBE Entertainment explained that this was because they had received too many DMs asking about the issue.

Before this affair started, she already had 60,000 followers. Ms. A has yet to comment on the dating rumors.

Meanwhile, if the claims are true, fans are showing their support for Sungjae, according to Meaww. One fan said he thought Changsub would be the first BTOB member to announce a relationship.

Unexpectedly, Sungjae is the one involved in dating rumors. Another went on to say that they are happy for Sungjae even though it’s hard to process.

This isn’t the first time Sungjae has been caught up in dating rumors. He was also linked to Red Velvet’s Joy when they appeared on the variety show We Got Married as a married couple. The chemistry between the two was spot on, but Joy revealed she was dating P Nation’s Crush, ending all Sungjae fans’ hopes.