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Britney Spears public breakdown: Sam Asghari, staff reveal what really happened

January 17, 2023

Britney Spears’ husband Sam Asghari has denied claims his wife had a nervous breakdown at a restaurant and stormed out. Taking to her Instagram Stories, the Iranian-American model revealed what happened in the said incident and clarified the pop princess’ name.

Multiple publications reported that Spears had a public nervous breakdown and was even seen speaking gibberish. However, Asghari asked everyone not to believe what they read online and defended his wife.

The restaurant in question was Joey’s in Woodland Hills, California. TMZ reported on the behavior of the pop giant, who caused a scene at the venue over dinner with her husband on Friday night.

Eyewitnesses told the website that the 41-year-old was acting manic and using gibberish, prompting her husband to storm out of the establishment. However, the video released by the publication appears to contradict the claims against the singer, as it shows her shielding her face with a menu while being filmed by someone, apparently without her consent.

The clip doesn’t show Spears speaking gibberish or Asghari hurrying out of the bar. Joey’s manager told opposite Page Sixthey could not reveal any information about the couple’s visit.

However, an employee revealed that the real troublemaker wasn’t the Toxic hitmaker, but a blackhead who urged her to behave after she recorded a video without consent. She was just upset at the time and Asghari went to get her car and didn’t storm out.

On the other hand, Spears had already commented on the subject with her video on Instagram and gave the finger several times. In another post, she wrote that she was aware of the hyped news that she got a little drunk at a restaurant.

It’s like they WATCH MY EVERY MOVE, she continued. So she was flattered to be talked about like a madman. She was even surprised that they had the courage to talk about the past negative things that had happened to her.

The news comes on the heels of #FreeBritney activists who fear it is still being controlled. With her odd videos, from posting near-nude photos to snapping fingers and eating cake off the floor, many are wondering if she really is as free as she claims.

There are also suspicions surrounding her marriage to Asghari last year, with some claiming she was out of her mind. Spears herself admitted that at the time she was unable to breathe due to a panic attack and had not been in her right mind for three years.

Fans seem to blame Asghari, but he has already denied the allegations, telling TMZ he doesn’t even have control over what’s for dinner. Still, he assures his fans that they understand where they’re coming from.