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Brad Pitt’s new girlfriend: Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband has reportedly started a relationship with neighbor Lykke Li

February 10, 2022

Rumor has it that Brad Pitt has a new eyeball and the woman lives next door to him. It is Swedish singer Lykke Li and the two are said to be in a relationship.

Instagram gossip account Deux Moi first revealed Brad Pitt’s alleged romance with Lykke Li. However, the pair are keeping a low profile because they’re just neighbors and don’t need to be in the public eye. So what’s up?

Pitt is reportedly ready to try romance again after two high-profile divorces with Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston. However, with his love life remaining a hot topic, he finds it difficult to be with anyone without a lot of talking, especially when they are out in public.

So having his alleged girlfriend as a neighbor is the perfect paparazzi loophole for him. A source told The Sun newspaper that having someone close to him is perfect for the star actor.

Although the Deux Moi revelation didn’t draw much attention at the time, many began to believe it when Brad Pitt and Lykke Li were finally spotted having dinner together. However, while there is a possibility that the two are actually dating, some still doubt it.

Another source told People that they aren’t romantically involved. Just like Alia Shawkat, who made headlines for allegedly dating the Fight Club star, the singer-songwriter is one of his large group of artistic friends. He just enjoys hanging out with her and the Arrested Development actress also belongs to this group.

Although the insider confirmed Brad Pitt is dating, he didn’t reveal who he’s dating. With this news, interest in Lykke Li is growing. Who is this artist and how did he catch the actor’s attention?

SCMP revealed that she is a 35-year-old singer who started her career in 2007. She released her first album, Little Bit, and it became an instant hit.

She is also a model and has had a contract with the agency Viva Model Management since 2012. A true artist, she expresses her artistic passion and creative style through fashion.

Lykke Li is also the daughter of Dag Vags guitarist and vocalist Johan Zachrisson and photographer Kärsti Stiege. She also has a son from her previous extended relationship with record producer and songwriter Jeff Bhasker.

So is it true that Lykke Li is Brad Pitt’s new girlfriend? Unfortunately, the two are silent about it.