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Brad Pitt shares what helped him move forward after Angelina Jolie’s infamous split in 2016

October 15, 2022

Brad Pitt explained how he moved on after splitting from Angelina Jolie in 2016. As an art lover, he tried to make a sculpture to suppress what he was feeling at the time.

Pitt and Jolie are constantly at odds with each other. In addition to their ongoing custody battle, they are now also arguing about their French winery together.

Following the split, the 58-year-old actor reached out to his two friends, Australian singer Nick Cave and British artist Thomas Houseago, according to the Financial Times. The three were all grappling with their own issues, and the Bullet Train star said their mutual misery became comical.

But in that misery he saw a flicker of joy in his life. I’ve always wanted to be a sculptor, I’ve always wanted to try, he said.

He then created works of art on the subject of self-reflection. He looked at his own life and focused on recognizing his own problems, thinking about his failed relationships and the things he had done wrong.

For him, this point in his life was the result of what he calls a radical self-assessment that became brutally honest with him. I am considerate of those I may have hurt, he continued.

This comes after Jolie’s email to her then-husband surfaced on TikTok despite already being part of a court document. The Maleficent star began by choosing to write to avoid getting too emotional.

She then revealed her decision to sell the Chateau Miraval winery, where they gave birth to their twins, got married and thought they would grow old. She admitted she was still crying when she wrote the email but promised to cherish the memories of what it was.

Unfortunately, Jolie found that it was the same place that marked the beginning of the end of her family and a business centered around alcohol, alluding to Pitt’s alcoholism. Amid her hopes that it would be a place that would hold them together and where they would find peace and light, she felt like he wanted her out.

She added that her ex might appreciate her email after seeing money being spent and decisions being made without her consent. She has no interest in him sharing the business or turning it into something healthy for her children.

First, Jolie sold her stake in the winery to Russian oligarch Yuri Shefler, leading to another legal feud with Pitt.