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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 227: Denki vs. Tsubaki

November 30, 2021

Denki vs Tsubaki begins Boruto: Naruto Next-Generations Episode 227, after Boruto vs Mitsuki became a disqualification as they did not show up. Chunin’s exams continue and Konohamaru announces that Denki vs. Tsubaki is the last game. Shikamaru, Sai, and Lord Seventh have accepted it as they have to treat Boruto and Mitsuki like the other students. Boruto and Mitsuki are on their way to the arena, but they worry that they won’t make it on time. The latest episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations reveals the fight between Samura and Science, as the two prepare to fight.

Sarada and Chocho couldn’t believe that the fight between Boruto and Mitsuki was canceled. Denki couldn’t believe Boruto was disqualified for being late either. When the fight begins, Denki wears Scientific Ninja Tool armor to confront Tsubaki, who uses a sword. Boruto and Mitsuki arrive at the arena thinking that they arrived on time. But Sarada reminds them of the rules and that they are disqualified. Boruto wanted to explain why they were late, and Mitsuki told him to put that aside. Sarada reveals that they were meant to fight each other, and Boruto wishes for that to happen.

Boruto finds out that it is the final match and Tsubaki against Denki. Tsubaki believes that his samurai skills cannot be defeated by science and decided to end the battle in one fell swoop. But Denki dodges these blows using the power of science. Denki’s suit can predict Tsubaki’s movements, and she doesn’t land a clean hit. Shikamaru thinks it’s funny that scientific ninja tools are allowed. They think Tsubaki is going to win, but they can’t underestimate Denki. Naruto is happy that it’s Samurai vs. Science, and that’s interesting.

Previously in Boruto: Naruto-Next Generations Episode 226

Denki thinks they can tell who will win until the end of the game. Tsubaki notices that Denki dodges all of his blows. Denki uses Nickname Lightning Style: Overdrive vs. Tsubaki. Boruto is happy to have seen this Jutsu that Denki fired. Sarada is impressed that Denki did this using a scientific ninja tool. Dr. Katasuke walks in and says that Denki can do anything with him, and explains how Denki’s costume works. Tsubaki tried all sword styles to cut Denki, but it was a hit and miss. Iwabe thinks Denki has a lot of advice that will surprise everyone.

Tsubaki reminds Denki that staying defensive is not enough to defeat her. Denki attacks with a hammer fist, and Tsubaki jumps after realizing that he would win if she tried to block him. The fist destroys the sand floor. Tsubaki learns that she can’t let these obstacles touch her, or it will all be over before she realizes it. Denki comments that he may not be good at using the different Jutsu, but he can produce a powerful Light Style. Tsubaki apologizes for underestimating him and decides to do his best. She thinks that if she destroys the Science Ninja tool, she will be victorious.

Denki reminds her that he represents Team 5 and that she cannot be sure of victory. Tsubaki believes that she is doing the same and that she needs to run over Denki. Some flashbacks of Tsubaki cut the battle off. In the present, Tsubaki trades massive blows with Denki, who has the upper hand. Shikadai tries to analyze the fight and thinks something is strange. Denki grabs Tsubaki and sends him flying. But Tsubaki uses the Mifune: First Strike style to cut the fire and land the first hit.

Boruto: Naruto-Next Generations Episode 227 Release Date

Boruto: NarutoNext Generations Episode 227 will be released on December 5, 2021. Denki lost his glass that could predict movement after Tsubaki caught him. Tsubaki begins to punish Denki, who turned the fight into fist for fist. But Denki manages to unleash Lightinging Style: Overdrive without using the power of science. Denki uses the Lightning Style: Elekiter to defeat Tsubaki. Konohamuru announces his new Chunnin when the Chunin exam ends. Let’s see the official details of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 227.

Watch Boruto: Naruto Next-Generations Episode 227 Online – Streaming Details

You can watch Boruto: Naruto Next-Generations Episode 227 online on Funimation and Animelab on Sundays at 5:30 PM JST. You can watch Boruto: Naruto-Next-Generations Episode 227 online on Funimation and VRV in the UK and other countries that cannot reach Animelab. Boruto and Mitsuki decided to fight at night. See you at the launch of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations-Episode 227.