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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 207 release date

July 6, 2021

The mystery behind Jigen’s arrival was revealed in the final episode. Kawaki and Boruto form a pact and create a black hole that leads them to Naruto’s location. Shikamaru tried to stop Team Seven, but Kawaki uses his Karma to swallow Shikamaru’s Shadow Jutsu. He tells her that he will bring the evidence. Let’s watch the latest episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations here. The episode begins with the closing of the portal when Team Seven enters another dimension. After arriving, Kawaki comments that they are in another world different from the previous one.

Boruto wonders where his father is because he can only see the rocks. Mitsuki comments that Jigen might be somewhere nearby, and they should be careful around him. They hear a voice asking who is talking about Jigen. They both turn around and notice that it is Lord Boro who asks them about Uchiha Sasuke. Boruto wonders who this guy is, and Kawaki realizes that he is his nemesis. Boro comments that he is happy to meet Kawaki. Boruto asks if this guy is Jigen and Kawaki answers that he is Boro, one of Kara’s interns.

Kawaki reveals that Boro is worse than Jigen in some way. The title of the episode is “The New Team Seven”. In Uzumaki, the housekeeper Shikamaru cares for the children who ran into danger without even planning it. Shikamaru wonders how many enemies there are and Boro congratulates Kawaki. Boro realizes that these children used Teleport Ninjutsu to get here and wonders how they did it. Kawaki tells Boro to be quiet since they are the ones who have to do the interrogation. He asks for Lord Seventh, and Boro says that Kawaki’s attitude remains the same.

Previously in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 206

Kawaki tells Boro that they will force him to tell the truth. Boro said they have trained well and will have a good series. Sarada notices that Boro is holding a bolt, and the Hokage is inside that bolt. Boro says, who knows Lord Seventh is dead and throws this bullet at the Seven Direction team. Boruto tries to break the rock and wonders why it is unbreakable. Boro reveals that Jigen can undo this seal. If they try to force it open, it will be destroyed.

Boruto realizes that his father is in danger, and Kawaki uses his hand to smell Lord Seventh Chakra. Kawaki tells the group that Lord Seventh is alive, and Sarada wonders if there is anything the four of them can do. Kawaki replies that they will think about it later and that they have to defeat Boro. Suddenly Boro disappears and Boruto wonders where the enemy is since he was in front of them. Sarada comments that Boro tricked them into using the boldest as Lord Seventh. Sarada comments that Boro can attack at any time and says that he is emerging from the ground.

Boro unleashes Lava Style: Planet-Branding Blast, but Boruto and the group jump into the air. The cultivated ones began to flow lava, and Sarada said that the liquid is acidic. Kawaki activates his Karma and swallows the acid, and is happy that the boldest has not been destroyed. Boruto blocks the acidic lava using his Karma. Boro appears in the mountains and realizes that Boruto has the same Karma as Kawaki. Boruto tells Boro that he attacks like a coward.

Lord Boro replies that Boruto talks too much and that if he is strong, he can attack him. Sarada warns Boruto not to attack without thinking. Boruto unleashes Shadow Clone Jutsu and exchanges blows with Boro. The two engage in a fierce fight, and Boruto attacks Boro along with Rasengan. Kawaki saves Boruto from the massive blow. Kawaki tells Boruto to stop lowering his guard and pushes him towards Boro. They hit Boro’s stomach using Rasengan at full speed. Boro survived the blow and his body is regenerating. Boruto wonders how this guy survived this direct hit.

Boro comments that Rasengan is powerful and Sarada says that Boro’s body has a regeneration rate. Kawaki tells Boruto not to stop, and they must detonate Boro until his body passes the regeneration limit. The two begin to counterattack Boro, and Sarada notices Boro saluting. Kawaki uses his monstrous hand and punches Boro, knocking him to the ground. Boruto tempts another Rasengan, but he lacks power and falls to the ground. Sarada joins the battle, buying time for Boruto and the other two to analyze the fight. She attacks Boruto with the Fireball Jutsu.

Boruto: Naruto-Next Generations Episode 207 release date and premiere location

The latest release date for Boruto: Naruto-Next Generations Episode 207 is July 11, 2021. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is available online on Crunchyroll and animelab.