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Boruto Episode 283 release date, spoilers: Naruto’s mysterious illness may finally be known

January 10, 2023

Sasuke will begin his mission to find the cure for Naruto’s mysterious illness in Boruto Episode 283 titled Sasuke Retsuden: Constellations. Along the way, he will continue his journey and delve deeper into the mysteries of Redaku to find out what kind of disease afflicted Naruto.

Sasuke has ventured into the land of Redaku in search of the cure for Naruto’s undiagnosed illness. Will he finally find what he’s looking for in Boruto Episode 283?

The director is more complex in person than he appears. He has mysterious eyes that even Sasuke’s Genjutsu can easily disintegrate.

However, Sasuke may find a way to overcome him and continue with his plan. Fans needn’t worry, however, as things are very unlikely to backfire as the Uchiha prodigy rarely fails in his plans.

Elsewhere, Kakashi has finally found the documents he needs. From there, fans will finally learn the origin of Naruto’s illness and its description in Boruto Episode 283. As it stands, things are more complicated than they seem and they may have to go further than they think to find a cure.

Meanwhile, Boruto began Episode 282, Sasuke Retsuden: Infiltration, with a flashback to Sasuke’s time in Redaku after being reminded of his life there while searching for Kara’s victims. Redaku was described as a kingdom in chaos after its king died, leading to the onset of the famine.

From then on, the prime minister took charge. Sasuke then went to the Tatar Observatory where Hagoromo’s notes remained after learning that Naruto had the same disease as the Sage of the Six Ways.

Sasuke came to Tartar as a prisoner after it became a detention center where inmates were forced to build a giant telescope. He later learned of Meno, the curious and highly hostile animal dragon who had established order in Tartar, and of his master, Zansul, the director of the observatory.

But genjutsu didn’t work on Zansul since his eyes were made of glass. With the turn the anime has taken, there was no denying that things were getting exciting.

The series is expected to be well received by fans if done right throughout, like the artist works on the manga version. However, after the first episode of the arc, the pacing is way too fast while the adaptation has removed some significant details.

Fans can look forward to seeing how Sasuke’s adventure continues when Boruto Episode 283 comes out on Sunday, January 15th.