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Boruto Episode 282 release date, spoilers: A new story arc begins

January 3, 2023

After revealing Ouga’s true form and introducing two new characters, Rokuro and Yasume, Boruto Episode 282 begins a new story arc. There will be a meeting between Boruto and Sarada, along with the rest of the gang.

Titled Sasuke Story: Infiltration, Boruto Episode 282 will feature the final adventure in the labyrinth created by Ouga. From then on it will be mostly about the story of Sasuke Retsuden and his mission to help Naruto.

A lot will happen as a new storyline begins. Anbu will likely join Boruto and the rest of the gang, and the whole game will end on that.

Ouga has already escaped, and the group are unable to find her, having left a letter for Boruto upon her departure. The story arc ends on a happy note, with Boruto making many new friends.

Elsewhere, the new story arc will be based on the Sasuke Retsuden spinoff. Boruto Episode 282 will show Naruto suffering from an illness and Sasuke will be on a mission to save him and find the cure for his mysterious illness.

This part of the story takes place long before Boruto, so Naruto is fine today. At the time, however, he was on the brink of death due to an illness he contracted on the Sage of the Six Paths.

Therefore, Sasuke will travel to the Sage of the Six Paths to find a cure or look for clues. He will infiltrate the Astronomy Institute as a prisoner so that no one will suspect anything.

This arc will also feature the original Team 7, so fans will see Sasuke’s wife Sakura. Still, fans should wait and see what will happen in Boruto Episode 282.

In Boruto Episode 281, Boruto, Yasume, and Rokuro explored the Ouga Complex. Boruto got lost while Rokuro turned on Yasume and escaped with the card she took from Ouga’s first spy.

Boruto made the way back but only found Yasume infected by Rokuro’s mind control parasite. Roku saw the exit on the map, but Ouga attacked him and turned out to be a shinobi doll.

Rokuro’s insect grabbed Yasume’s body and Boruto realized they were trapped in the second genjutsu plane, but they still managed to escape. From there, Yasume emerged as the real Ouga, the eighth Kara Inner, and the cyborg Amado created.

Boruto realized they were at Kara HQ where Koji Kashin had killed Jigen. After a conversation between the two, Ouga asked Boruto to stab her to escape the genjutsu and wake up the others, but he refused.

Boruto called Team Sarada and the ANBU and was glad to see everyone alive. However, Ouga had already fled, but promised to visit him. Boruto Episode 282 will be released on Sunday January 8th.