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Boruto Episode 255 release date, spoilers: what will happen to Ikada, his clan and the Uzumaki siblings?

June 23, 2022

Fans still have a lot of questions that need to be answered before the Funato war arc ends in Boruto Episode 255. What will happen to Ikada and his clan after the conflict between Funato and Kirigakure is resolved?

Boruto Episode 255 is expected to close some loose ends to end the Funato war arc. From the looks of it, it will be mostly about Ikada and his family.

The fate of Ikada is hinted at in the new episode preview. Team 7 will return to their homeland after completing the mission in the Hidden Mist.

Naruto will talk to his sons about what will happen to everyone who joined the war; it looks like it won’t be good for her. Things aren’t looking good for Ikada either after he looks desperate and hears the news about his father.

He plans to change Chojuro’s mind to save Ikada from a terrible fate. This angers Kawaki, which leads to an argument with his brother.

Kawaki fights with his brother almost all the time. He’s not an avid supporter of the peaceful approach Team 7 is taking to this war.

SportsKeeda has stated that not much is known about the episode other than that it will end the Funato war arc. There will be new themes in the next episode, so fans will have to wait and see what will happen with Ikada and what will be the problem between the Uzumaki siblings in Boruto Episode 255.

Meanwhile, Boruto’s episode 254, titled The Spiral of Vengeance, loudly featured Boruto’s decision to sacrifice his life to end the war between the Land of Water and the pirates Otaku Kart News. Boruto failed to convince Ikada and chose to sacrifice his life to end the fight.

Ikada prepared for Boruto’s death by drowning himself in the sea. He climbed onto the platform and Ikada ordered Kobuna to push him so he could finally avenge his father’s death.

However, Boruto apologized to him and jumped off the platform so Kobuna wouldn’t feel guilty. When Boruto fell, Ikada asked Sarada and Mitsuki to avenge the father’s death.

However, Ikada jumped into the water to save Boruto after seeing the effect of Boruto’s affection for his friends. Boruto hugged Sarada and Mitsuki tightly when he returned and spoke to the other pirates about peace and the future of the nation.

He promised that one day everything would change and everyone should fulfill Kagura’s wish. You can see what happens next when Boruto Episode 255 airs on Sunday June 26th.