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Boruto episode 227 release date, spoilers: what will be the last, new mission for Team 7?

December 1, 2021

A lot will happen in Boruto episode 227, from the fight between Boruto and Mitsuki to Team 7’s new mission. Konohamaru has its own task to complete. Will he get the team’s help with this?

In the finale of the last episode, a fight between Boruto and Mitsuki was hinted at. This is what the fans have been waiting for, will they see it in Boruto episode 227?

In the last few highlights it was mentioned that Team 7 will be going on a new journey to accomplish a new mission. The preview of the new episode seems to indicate a big leap in time.

There are theories that the anime will feature a teenage Boruto and reveal how the story gets to where it is today. However, fans should be careful with this assumption, as nothing has been confirmed yet.

Since the manga creator Masashi Kishimoto knows how to surprise fans, no one knows what will happen next. The chunin trials are drawing to a close and Sarada has become a chunin herself.

She may lead Boruto and Mitsuki on a new mission after it appears that Konohamaru has been taken into custody. But since Team 7 knows each other best, they probably know what to do next.

So what makes Konohamaru hostage in Boruto episode 227? The Jounin-level shinobi is not with his group after going solo on a mission and leaving Sarada in charge of the team.

Naruto receives a message that he communicates to Shikamaru and Sai and that comes from Konohamaru himself, as reported by IBTimes. Naruto thinks about sending reinforcements, but the team believes Konohamaru has a plan of his own.

The group stays in the Hidden Leaf Village while Konohamaru decides to stay behind. Nevertheless, Sarada informs Mistuki and Boruto that they can contact and reach Konohamaru.

From here, she asks Naruto if Team 7 will get the new assignment. The new episode will be called Team 7’s Final Mission.

Meanwhile, in Boruto episode 226, Boruto and Mitsuki went to the arena after their names were announced for the fight. However, they were quickly disqualified from the Chunin exams because they were late.

Sarada, Chou-Chou and the others were all disappointed with what had happened. Tsubaki and Denki then competed in the last lap.

Tsubaki was sure that he would win the fight. He now aspired to return to the land of iron as a candidate for a leadership position.

But Denki was already planning to use the Scientific Ninja Toll against him in their fight. What happens next will be seen when Boruto episode 227 airs on Sunday December 5th.