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Boruto Episode 206 release date, preview and watch anime online

July 2, 2021

The age of the villain Jigen began when he stood up to retrieve his Kawaki ship. The battle is already starting with Naruto and Sasuke against Jigen and they have unleashed Trump, but Jigen seems to have a better trump card. The villain showed them the power of Ten Cocks that is beyond their imagination. Naruto and Sasuke were punished by Jigen. But the fight ends, because Jigen decides to return to his country when the two shinobi have lost a lot of energy. Soon the powers of the boys of Karma will be known. Let’s see what will happen in episode 206 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation.

The event begins with Lord Seventh and Kawaki’s hands on the ground. The image is broken. The title of the episode is “Test”. After Kawaki’s hand dislocates and falls on Naruto, Team 7 talks about Lord Seventh’s Charka. Kawaki was shocked by the immobilization of the Shadow Paralysis Jutsu. Shikamaru comes to see Kawaki and tells him that he must not prove anything suspicious, because he used this Jutsu on Kawaki for the second time.

Boruto sees why Kawaki is immobilized. Shikamaru reveals that the enemy came here with Kawaki and that Naruto is missing. He wants Kawaki to explain himself, or if he’s the spy, and he has Jigen on purpose. With an unbreakable barrier, Tasuki sealed the Uzumaki house. Shikamaru lands on the ground and walks towards Kawaki and tells me that he stopped Kawaki from escaping.

Boruto Episode 205 Summary

Shikamaru shows that Kawaki is the key to locating Naruto, and they don’t know if the enemy will return without getting stronger. Order the Shinobi to look for traces of Naruto and the enemy. Shikamaru endures his shadow paralysis and says he respects the way Kawaki treats Lord Seventh. But he won’t hesitate to take him down if Kawki tries to do something. Shikamaru asks Naruto what happened. The Karma boy replies that he has nothing to know and that he wants to save the Seventh Lord.

Kawaki reveals Jigen’s enemy, and the man he told you about the other day, Sarada knows it. Kawaki agrees and says that Jigen was Kara’s boss and appeared in front of them. He was the leader of Kara. Shikamaru adds that the sensory unit told him the same thing. Kawaki also said that his karma showed patterns that he had never seen before after injuries. In space-time, a rift opened and Jigen appeared. Shikamaru wonders if it is a Ninjutsu transport. Sarada wonders why Jigen took Lord Seventh.

Naruto was trying to protect him, and Kawaki said that he got in Jigen’s way. Jigen has taken Lord Seventh somewhere to kill him, and he’s going to get the ship back. Shikamaru says that transportation can’t be done by just anyone. The men find Jigen and Naruto fighting in another dimension. Shikamaru believes that Jigen can be defeated in this dimension if they are lucky. Naruto, however, has no way of using his powers again. Boruto knows that Sasuke can find Kawaki using his Transport Ninjutsu.

Boruto Episode 206 Release Date

The release date of Episode 206 of Boruto is set for Sunday, July 4, 2021. According to official sources of the anime. New episodes of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga series will be released every Sunday. Fans can easily watch Boruto Episode 206 live and change the time to suit their local area.

Boruto 206 Ver online

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