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Boruto Chapter 74 Release Date, Spoilers: The Dangers of Eida, Daemon in Konoha

October 19, 2022

Boruto Chapter 74, Baptism, raw scans and spoilers have finally surfaced, hinting at a new peril now that Eida and Daemon are in Konoha. Since the decision to monitor Eida may not go as planned, something worse could happen.

Warning! The following content contains major Boruto Chapter 74 spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Everyone seems to have fallen for Eida’s charm after Shikamaru, Sai, and other Leaf shinobi met them at the train station. Shikamaru welcomes them to the village while also welcoming Daemon.

Eida thinks the house community project will work, and she even seems excited about it. She makes her way to the location, bringing Daemon with her.

Shikamaru confronts Amado and demands that he answer all the questions. Sarada and Mitsuki keep an eye on the house that Boruto, Kawaki, Eida and Daemon share.

Sarada finds it useless, knowing that Eida already knows her plan. In Boruto Chapter 74, Boruto and Kawaki are seen hanging around the house, and Konohamaru reminds them to work together to get along with Eida.

When Eida finally arrives, she encounters Konohamaru, who tries to resist her charms but falls down the stairs unconscious. Daemon jumps onto Boruto’s shoulders and warns him and Kawaki that if they harm his sister, he will beat them up.

This instantly enrages Daemon, who attacks him by morphing his arm and knocking the cyborg away, but this backfires. Using his karma, Kawaki fires chakra wands at Daemon, but Daemon dodges and kicks him cold.

Boruto joins the fight and attacks Daemon, but the blonde ninja manages to dodge him too. Daemon climbs onto his back and hits him repeatedly, knocking him unconscious in Boruto Chapter 74. Later, Boruto wakes up to see Kawaki lying on Eida’s lap.

Meanwhile, in Boruto Chapter 73, Eida used her Senrigan to overhear Konoha on the train and learn her plans. She was ashamed that she had to live in the same house as Kawaki and became even more embarrassed when Shikamaru revealed to her that she had a crush on Kawaki.

Her heartbeat woke Daemon up, who worried if something was wrong. Eida assured him that everything was fine. It was what she wanted.

Boruto wondered why Eida would want Kawaki when she could easily charm other boys. Sumire spoke up and explained that Eida might not be interested in someone who already liked her and Kawaki was a challenge.

Kawaki said loudly that Eida was stupid when Shikamaru warned him that their senrigan could see and hear their conversation. Boruto Chapter 74 will be released on Thursday October 20th, 2022.