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Boruto Chapter 71 release date, spoilers: what will happen to Eida and Amado?

June 1, 2022

After rejecting Shikamaru’s offer, fans will see what Eida will do next in Boruto Chapter 71. It will also show Amado’s future after receiving Code’s threat.

A lot will happen in Boruto Chapter 71. Will Amado die? Is Eida making the right decision?

Recent highlights have shown that while some believe Amado will die, many are convinced it won’t. Amado plays an important role in the story, so it’s a long shot that he’s removed so easily.

From the looks of it, he might be up to something and trying to control things secretly. However, there’s no denying that Amado is in a tight spot at the moment.

He managed to restore Code’s power, which means it can now kill him at any time. Despite this, he has been begging for his life because there are still a lot of things he wants to do.

What will happen to code now? There are suspicions that he is about to end his life.

Elsewhere, Shikamaru’s offer to Eida has proved lucrative. After some pondering, she tried to learn more about it.

She fully activated her ability and watched everything to see if anything was wrong. Luckily, she could even scan events that had already happened.

So Boruto Chapter 71 could reveal Eida’s feelings after rejecting the offer. Compared to Code, Konoha seems more beneficial as Eida doesn’t have to fight for Kawaki.

However, since Eida does not have the ability to see into the heart or mind, she is unaware that her captives are in touch. If she knew, she would certainly act differently.

Meanwhile, in Boruto Chapter 70, Shikamaru tried to make a deal with Eida and asked her to side with Konohagakure in order to get closer to Kawaki, according to SportsKeeda. Later, Shikamaru realized that Eida possessed the Senrigan doujutsu.

He found out about this when Naruto tried to enter through the door sealed with the advanced lock system Konohagakure had installed. It allowed her to project her consciousness anywhere she wanted.

She could also look back on past events since her birth. Another major event in the previous chapter was when Code intervened and threatened to kill Amado if he didn’t immediately remove his restrainers.

Shikamaru tried to calm Code down, knowing that Amado was the only one who could remove his restrainers, meaning he couldn’t kill him. And what happens now? Find out when Boruto Chapter 71 releases on Monday, June 20th.