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Boruto Chapter 68 release date, spoilers: will Boruto remain a hero or become a villain?

March 14, 2022

Boruto Chapter 68 reveals the future of Boruto after the intense turn of events in the previous chapter. Will the popular protagonist become a villain this time or will he remain a hero?

Fans witnessed the fight between Boruto and Momoshiki and it looked like the latter saved the former. So what will happen this time in Boruto Chapter 68?

It looks like the new chapter will answer a lot of questions. It could also revolve around the Codex and his limiter and show whether or not he can have it removed.

It looks like he might succeed this time as recent highlights show. So can Konoha set a trap for him?

Elsewhere, luck seems to be on Boruto’s side. His death seems to have saved him.

It is known that if Boruto dies, Momoshiki will also disappear. To prevent this, Momoshiki compromises and merges 18% of his karma into Boruto.

This turns Boruto into a pure Otsutsuki with Momoshiki inside him. Despite this, he no longer has to fear transforming into Momoshiki as his mind and will are apparently preserved.

But he can’t trick the code. He will remain his target as the villain is still keen to feed him to 10 cocks. So fans will see how Code will do this in Boruto Chapter 68 by removing the delimiter from himself.

Meanwhile, in Boruto Chapter 67, Momoshiki didn’t get a chance to incarnate, so he only healed Boruto’s wounds when Kawaki was busy fighting Code, according to Anime News and Facts.

He said that although about 82% of the karma had already been extracted, he had to use the remaining 18% to create a new tissue that had been lost.

When this happened, it turned out that he could no longer be revived. Boruto was glad that his decision to die had prevented Momoshiki’s plan.

For him, this step was already a great victory. But Momoshiki warned Boruto.

Annoyed by his cocky personality, he told him not to get too upset as the dates in Karma, whether rewritten or not, originally began as Otsutsuki.

It just meant that it was already purely accomplished and it would only be a matter of time before code finally realized it.

Boruto then told Momoshiki that he once said his blue eyes would eventually take everything from him. He then asked if that meant his death.

Boruto Chapter 68 will be released on Sunday March 20th.