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Boruto Chapter 66 release date, spoilers: The possible ending of Boruto

January 18, 2022

Boruto Chapter 66 spoilers have now dropped and it features Kawaki and Borushiki’s fight. The manga series has become a trending topic even before its release as everyone is now worried about Boruto’s future.

There are theories that Boruto will kill his father Naruto, but it remains to be seen if this will happen in Boruto Chapter 66. But it could also be that the tide turns and Boruto meets his end instead of Naruto.

Warning! The following content is full of spoilers. Read at your own risk.

The title of the new chapter is Kill or Be Killed and Kawaki is featured on the cover art. It all starts with Kawaki having his new Karma Arm as seen in recent highlights.

He will have a flashback where Amado asks him if he wants to save Naruto. If he wants that, he needs the right power for it.

Now that Isshiki is dead, Amado advises Kawaki to gain new pure karma. This makes Code suspicious, because he wonders how Kawaki can have karma again.

Ada reveals that Amado gave Kawaki this new power after repairing his arm. Borushiki also wonders how Kawaki managed to do that.

The scene then switches to Kawaki’s eye, which has a white pupil in Boruto Chapter 66. From here on, most of the scenes show Kawaki and Borushiki fighting.

Kawaki can now take things to another dimension and store them, which he uses to attack Borushiki. Code wonders if Amado is trying to make Kawaki a second Isshiki.

Elsewhere, Naruto asks Kawaki about his plans, to which Kawaki says he will do anything for the shinobi. Borushiki then attacks him and makes a rasengan in his right hand.

Kawaki parries the power and uses a fire jutsu. Kawaki is determined to defeat Borushiki, even if it means Boruto’s death.

This worries Naruto. Thankfully, Boruto is slowly regaining consciousness. He knows that Momoshiki can take control of his body at any time, so he asks Kawaki to kill him instead.

Naruto resists, but Boruto stops him and keeps begging Kawaki to end his life. Kawaki uses his Karma Hands on Boruto, sending him flying after being hit.

Will this be the end of Boruto while he’s lying motionless on the ground? This particular storyline has made the series trending on social media.

According to the comic book, fans wondered if Boruto would kill his father. However, if the spoilers are to be believed, it looks like Boruto is going to die.

This is freaking out fans, but it remains to be seen what will happen to Boruto in Boruto Chapter 66. Find out when the new episode comes out on Thursday, January 20th.