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Boruto Chapter 65 Release Date, Spoilers: What Will End The Battle Between Boruto, Kawaki, and Code?

December 7, 2021

The battle between Boruto, Kawaki and Code will finally end in Boruto chapter 65. However, it looks like someone is stopping him instead of the three of them ending him.

The fight between the three will encounter a series of interruptions that will eventually stop it. So what will be the reason for this in Boruto chapter 65?

Some believe Sasuke could show up here, although it is very unlikely. Sasuke has suffered a great loss of strength so it remains to be seen how strong he is today.

However, there are theories that he could still work with Naruto to face the Code. Is this going to happen?

Code could hold its own against Boruto and the gang, but recent highlights have shown that he could be pushed back. Speaking of Boruto: It looks like Amado’s pills are now working on him, so that he remains in control despite the momoshification.

While quite unreliable, it can’t be denied that it helps Boruto get stronger. So in Boruto Chapter 65, Boruto may reveal more of his abilities and fans will see his current situation with Momoshiki.

However, since he has collapsed after using his karma extensively, it remains to be seen whether it is a side effect of Amado’s pills or whether Momoshiki has failed. As Code said, he could gain the combat experience stored in his karma that will make him stronger.

Meanwhile, in Boruto chapter 64, Naruto believed Boruto was with Kawaki, but Shikamaru revealed that they were with an enemy. The code could have tracked Kawaki, but they could only follow Boruto’s chakra, which led them to believe Kawaki was dead.

Shikamaru went with Naruto even though he knew Kurama was gone, according to OtakuKart News. Although Naruto complained, nothing could stop Shikamaru from helping him save the children.

Shikamaru also revealed that Sasuke had not yet returned from tracking Code while Sai was guarding Amado. Hinata then arrived and asked about Boruto and told Naruto that she would go too.

Naruto refused and asked her to take care of Himawari instead. Elsewhere, Boruto tried to absorb the claw marks on the battlefield, but nothing happened that led him to realize that they might not consist of chakra.

Kawaki revealed that the iron was mixed with the blood of the Codex so that the karma would not work on him. Kawaki then asked Boruto about Momoshiki, but the protagonist seemed to have no idea.

He believed Amado’s pills worked. This made it clear to Codex that a fight against Boruto would be of no use, and he said goodbye to both of them.

However, Kawaki did not let him go and began the fight. Boruto used Rasengan as an alternative, but missed the target. What happens next can be seen when Boruto Chapter 65 comes out on Monday, December 20th.