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Boruto Chapter 64 Release Date, Spoiler: Can Naruto Save Boruto and Kawaki?

November 15, 2021

Naruto must save Kawaki and Boruto in Boruto Chapter 64 before it’s too late. Kawaki plans to protect the Hokage by sacrificing himself, but Boruto will try to get in his way.

So can Boruto stop him? Kawaki wants the budding shinobi to leave him to pursue his plans, but it looks like Naruto himself will stop him in Boruto chapter 64.

A lot will happen in the next episode. A love triangle could emerge as Eida’s obsession with Kawaki seems to have spread to Boruto after the latter sacrificed himself to save Isshiki’s ship.

However, it remains to be seen who Eida will choose in the end. Epic Dope also noted that the most surprising thing that could happen would be if one of them chose her.

Speaking of action: The final scene of the last chapter showed Boruto getting a boost of energy. His facial marks were visible, which led some to wonder if it was just related to his strength or if Momoshiki had already taken control of his body.

There are theories that Boruto will transform into momoshiki to fight code, according to Devdiscourse. The latter is known to worship the Otsutsukis and could try to provoke Boruto into changing his form.

So if there’s one thing fans need to see in Boruto Chapter 64, it’s how Code will attack Boruto, given that he has great respect for Momoshiki. There is also the question of whether Kawaki and Ada will try to intervene in their fight.

Twitter user Abdul Zoldyck shared the brief preview of the upcoming chapter from the VJump Appendix Card. In the caption he asked how the fight against code will prevail.

In addition, the Konoha village in Boruto chapter 63 lived in fear due to the threat posed by Otsutsuki. Nobody knew how to deal with the enemy until Kawaki and Code finally faced each other.

Now with incredible powers, and even with the help of Eida and Daemon, Codex turned out to be a formidable enemy. From now on nobody could enter or leave Konohagakure unless his chakra was known.

When the fight between Momoshiki and Naruto began, it was far from over. Code had hijacked Boruto’s consciousness, and when the war started between them, he tried to unleash his momoshiki form. This and more will be what fans will see when Boruto Chapter 64 releases on Saturday, November 20th.