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‘Blue Lock’ Episode 16 Release Date, Spoilers: Isagi works with Barou, Nagi to defeat Kunigami, Chigiri, Reo

January 23, 2023

Isagi, Barou, and Nagi will interact more in Blue Lock Episode 16. Fans will see the relationship dynamics of these three, particularly how Isagi works as an intermediary between his two teammates.

In the last episode, Isagi made Naruhaya’s weapon his own to score the fifth goal for her team. They won the game and chose Barou to their team. So what would happen this time in Blue Lock Episode 16?

Barou and Nagi are known for being two geniuses. Together with Isagi they have reached the third stage of the second selection.

In the next episode they will face off against a new team of three consisting of Kunigami, Chigiri and Reo. They will compete against each other in a three-on-three battle.

With the second team out for revenge, Isagi, Nagi, and Barou are able to add another member to their team in Blue Lock Episode 16. Will that help them win the fight?

The battle between these two teams is expected to be quite heated and competitive as Isagi continued selection without Kunigami and Chigiri. This is probably due to their anger and ego.

Reo and Nagi could also compete against each other. There are also theories that Isagi will adopt some tricks from Kunigami and Chigiri as his ability evolves.

Meanwhile, in Episode 15 of Blue Lock, Barou was able to take control and score a hit, despite Naruhaya’s shot hitting the post. Isagi then passed Nagi and scored a hit.

Barou again tried to score from the kick-off, but Nagi blocked him while Isagi captured the ball. Naruhaya stole it and passed it to Barou, who scored.

Isagi knew that Naruhaya had placed himself in the blind spot so he could approach Rin unseen. Nagi scored another hit, resulting in a tie.

A flashback revealed Naruhaya’s motivation to help his family successfully after the death of his parents. Barou tried again to shoot off kick but was stopped.

Naruhaya tried to shoot, mimicking Isagi’s kick, but he missed the post. After Nagi gained possession, Isagi moved closer to the net and Barou followed.

Isagi mimicked Naruhaya’s footwork and ran towards the goal while Barou switched targets. Nagi continued to play the ball and Isagi scored to win.

Isagi knew that any team could win, but Naruhaya stressed that he was the better player and even complained about his missed shot. Isagi chose Barou for his team and thanked Naruhaya for his help.

The latter was eventually disqualified, so Kunigami and Chigiri asked Reo to join them after Bachira and Isagi left them. Reo then agreed to defeat Nagi after failing him.

Blue Lock Episode 16 will be released on Saturday January 28th.