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‘Blue Lock’ Episode 15 Release Date, Spoilers: Isagi, Nagi Resume Match Against Naruhaya, Barou

January 16, 2023

Isagi and Nagi’s fight against Naruhaya and Barou continues in Blue Lock Episode 15. After Isagi and Nagi return to the second stage to analyze their weaknesses, Naruhaya challenges them to a fight since he teamed up with Barou.

However, it was quite obvious that Isagi was struggling to keep up with the fight, thanks to Nagi managing to keep up. Still, Isagi will do his best to solve his problem and help Nagi hunt down the enemy in Blue Lock Episode 15.

Isagi will find a solution to his problems in this fight. He has no proper weapon to help him get past the opposing players.

Thankfully, Nagi carried him through the game and used his weapons appropriately in combat. Despite this, Isagi knows how to defeat his opponents and that is by tripping Naruhaya.

However, he has not yet had the opportunity to do so. That could mean Isagi needs to learn a new skill or make a new observation in Blue Lock Episode 15.

Things aren’t looking good for Isagi with what’s happening right now. Naruhaya scored a goal in front of him.

On the contrary, Isagi managed to evolve and play better when triggered. So it could be that he continues to turn things around.

If Nagi and Isagi win in Blue Lock Episode 15, they might add Barou to their team after seeing his efficiency. Isagi may also have a one-on-one with Naruhaya in episode 15 of Blue Lock after only seeing them as average players.

Meanwhile, in Episode 14 of Blue Lock, Isagi and Nagi believed that upon returning to the second stage, they were being tested for their unique abilities. In contrast, Barou and former Team Z mate Naruhaya were the unexpected losers.

Although Barou was known for his excellent shooting skills, he was not selected due to his pride. Naruhaya approached Isagi at practice, and the two decided to play a match.

They knew that losing would result in disqualification because they were outmatched by Barou and Nagi. As play began, Barou snatched the ball from Nagi, showing off his improved range and accuracy.

Isagi then passed to Nagi the next round and used his skillful control to catch Barou and score a hit. Later, Barou got the ball but refused to give it to Naruhaya.

Isagi then stole the ball and passed it to Nagi, who scored a second goal. The enraged Barou tried a kick-off in the next round but missed the goal.

Naruhaya got the ball faster than Isagi and passed it to Barou for a goal. Naruhaya then told him that they challenged him because they knew Isagi would be at his limit as the only goalscorer.

Naruhaya then moved past Isagi to score and shoot when Barou passed the ball. What follows will be shown in Blue Lock Episode 15 on Saturday 21st January.