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Blood Red Sky Sequel: Everything We Know

July 30, 2021

Netflix’s German-born action-adventure horror film “Blood Red Sky” (alternate title: “Transatlantic 473”) is a fresh and brilliantly executed concept. In addition to being an impressive tension thriller, the film is also an emotional journey in itself. Combining fantasy and realism, the story centers on a single mother, Nadja, and her son Elias, whose escape to New York turns into an evil nightmare. Nadja suffers from a mysterious illness that forces her to take medication for leukemia. But when a group of hijackers seizes his transatlantic flight 473, Nadja attacks. Things spiral out of control too fast and too soon, and the story returns to the runway shown at the beginning for a viscerally explosive ending.

Upon its premiere on the popular streaming platform, Peter Thorwarth’s film enjoyed wide fan support and critical acclaim for its intriguing mix of genres and dark narrative that keeps the story hooked. However, after the shocking ending of the original film, fans are already weighing the prospects for a sequel. Then you can count on us.

Release date of the sequel to Blood Red Sky

Blood Red Sky premiered on July 23, 2021 on Netflix. The movie has plenty of surprises in store in its manageable two-hour run. Now let’s take a look at the prospects for a sequel.

The original film was a passionate project for director and co-writer Peter Thorwarth, who conceived the idea for the film from a thought experiment while himself on a transatlantic flight. The production ran into many obstacles and it took the director 16 years to obtain funding for his project. When asked about the prospects for a sequel in an interview with The Daily Dead, Thorwarth replied, “Maybe someone else can direct the sequel, because once I do, I’m still looking for the next challenge.” Meanwhile, the director has moved on to his next project, a medieval drama with a dash of black humor. But that shouldn’t be enough to dissuade fans from animating the sequel.

After its release, the film was praised by critics and fans alike for its fresh concept and energetic direction. As a result, the film rose to the platform’s top 10 list the week it was released. The gripping horror story was a hit with audiences, and the reception wasn’t much different. And given that horror is a genre known for its sequels and spin-offs (think of the “Resident Evil” franchise), the best thing for Netflix would be to green-light a sequel. If we follow the story, there is still room for further exploration as we cannot be sure that all the vampires are dead by the end of the movie. The explosion appears to mark the end of the vampire horde, but the undead cannot be attacked too easily. There is a possibility that a vampire could escape the military radar, and the sequel could build on that possibility.

However, the popular streaming service has yet to announce a second installment of this potential horror thriller franchise. If the sequel is announced in late 2021, the scenario would still require a bit of time. If the script is finalized in early 2022, the team can resume production in 2022. The original film doesn’t use much CGI, and therefore the post-production task for the potential sequel shouldn’t take too long either. So if production on the sequel resumes at any point in 2022, we can expect the sequel to “Blood Red Sky” to premiere in 2023 or later.