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Blend S Season 2 Release Date

June 23, 2021

There are a ton of inquiries regarding Blend S Season 2, and fans are still waiting for an answer. This anime had a splendid run in its first season. Viewers are eagerly waiting for the happy parody animated series to return with its next part.

Many animes try to put together a complex plot with energetic and exceptional characters. However, Blend S is the kind of series that you can sit back, relax, and watch while having fun with a happy parody. Also, the nature of this animated series makes it not the same as the wide range of various animated series. From the very first starting point, “Blend S” proves very well that it will offer a lot of satisfaction to its viewers.

Blend S is a humorous cartoon Japanese manga series. Miyuki Nakayama composed and showed this manga. Later, A-1 Pictures adapted this manga series into an animated television series. The first and correct season of this series aired from October to December 2017. This series takes place over a total of twelve episodes.

The plot of Blend S Season 2

Blend S ‘revolves around the existence of a 16-year-old girl named Maika Sakuranomiya, who is in a rush to find a low-maintenance line of work. You really need to save some money now. You really need to start saving money now, so that you can take an exam abroad later, but every time you look for work, your application is rejected.

His nominations are mostly correct, but the only problem is his image, where he has that peculiar and menacing look. Every time he smiles, he unexpectedly makes an unusually strange face. This is actually somewhat contrary to his generally animated character.

After many unsuccessful interviews, Sakuranomiya is confronted by Café Stile, where employees have to connect with their customers while playing a wide variety of characters. The chief supervisor of this Café, whose name is Dino. He immediately pounces on her and offers her the job. The role he has to play here is that of an evil individual, and he realizes that he can do it very well.

Although it is somewhat bulky at first. Find out how to effectively serve some of your masochistic clients by applying your new ruthless personality. When it starts to get used to it, it chooses to wear its extraordinary feature and shows poise, making it a coffee staple.

Blend S season 2 characters and cast

Maika sakuranomiya

Maika is the first heroine of the series. He is a brilliant person, but every time he tries to smile for the camera. His face takes on an unusually strange and wicked appearance. While everyone else rejects his job application in light of his cruel look on the picture. A senior supervisor named Dino sees potential in her and recruits her as a grassroots worker.

Kaho hinata

Kaho is also a waitress at Dino’s cafe and has to take on the role of tsundere. He has a normal height, blue eyes, and long, light hair that separates into two tails. She is well known for being really attractive and having a nice figure. This makes young women feel anxious around her, as she stands out enough to be noticed. Despite pretending to be a tsundere in the cafe. In fact, it’s the opposite.


Dino is a 26-year-old Italian gourmet connoisseur who also runs the Stile Café. She has weak knees in front of adorable anime girls and their puppets. He also stays up late at night to watch his favorite anime shows. Whenever he is really energetic, his nose begins to die. This happens very often when you are watching your favorite anime.

He has an obsession with young dark-haired Japanese girls and that is the reason why, as soon as he focuses on Maika, he throws a huge bomb at her. He’s even open about how much he enjoys it, but Maika actually remains unconcerned with his affection for her.

Blend S Season 2 Release Date

This may be good news for fans as assuming the directors choose to reload the series, we may want to get the series in 2021. Two volumes of a similar series were reportedly released last year. This is the explanation we could expect in Blend S Season 2 since now Miyuki Nakayama has enough source material to give us in development.

This is not the end, Nakayama is in charge of a new anime for his beloved fans this year. We could hope to get ahead of schedule in 2021. In the meantime, shouldn’t we consider watching other anime in the Manga series?

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End of the story

Somehow it’s great to watch the show with your extra energy or the whole day is up to you. The plot is acceptable and the ratings are as well, as it gave 7.4 out of 10 according to Myanimelist and 7.8 out of 10 according to Rating Graph. It’s obvious that fans love this series. This is why they are looking for season 2 of Blend S. The second season will appear soon in 2021, according to the news.