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Blake Shelton reveals the real reason he’s leaving The Voice

December 8, 2022

Blake Shelton is leaving The Voice at the end of season 23, and it looks like he won’t be leaving without putting up a good fight. Still, many are wondering why Gwen Stefani’s husband decided to leave the reality series after 22 seasons.

Shelton and Stefanie wed in 2021, making him the father of three sons, Apollo, Zuma and Kingston, whom she shares with ex-husband Gavin Rossdale. Now that the kids are grown, the country singer wants to leave The Voice to focus on family.

The 46-year-old wants to spend more time with his wife and stepsons, even if it means leaving the show he loves. He said Peoplethat if he gives up his career now he only runs the risk of regretting that he is missing out on some more important things in his life.

He emphasized that it is no longer about him and will never go again. Sure, he makes a ton of money off the show, but he knows he can’t buy back the time.

Therefore, he wants to invest more time in his family, which means being with their children. Although he is only her stepfather, he takes his job very seriously.

Conversely, Stefani’s children see Shelton as equally important in their lives. He even gets sentimental when they look for him when he’s not present at any events.

The TV personality added that every kid can teach him something different, like that he’s more than just a country singer and a goofy guy. For them, he’s someone they can lean on, which gives him incredible self-esteem.

Now that he’s leaving The Voice after season 23, his mischievous nature will be missed by many. But with his fame and prominence on the show, will he win big this time?

But when Carson Daly on Monday announced the first four singers who will make the current season’s finale, none of Shelton’s remaining three members made the wildcard instant saver and a spot in the top five.

If the fans think it was because they were the best, pose it TVLine found they weren’t. Though one of them has the unique and imaginative voice, the contenders from John Legend and Stefani’s respective teams are undeniably more gifted than Shelton’s group.

Although the publication admitted it doesn’t hate them, it’s safe to say that neither their great performances nor their coach’s popularity helped them get votes to make it to the finals. So fans will have to wait and see how The Voice will look when Shelton, whose team has won eight times, leaves the show.