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BLACKPINK’s Rose, Spotify boss Jeremy Erlich dating rumours: Fans react to the two’s alleged budding romance

December 5, 2022

Many have reportedly seen BLACKPINK’s Rose and Spotify’s Head of Music Strategy Jeremy Erlich multiple times, and fans have mixed feelings about it. So does this mean that the two have a relationship?

Fans can’t help but debate Rose and Erlich’s frequent meetings, leading to a heated discussion. They even talked about it in an online community.

Entitled Are Rosé and the Spotify CEO a Couple? a netizen shared a series of photos of the two, AllKpop. In several of these photos, the two can be seen cuddling together.

They once watched a Dua Lipa concert together while others showed them at public and private events. So the fans suspect that a romance is brewing between the two.

One fan said they look great together and would even support her if they officially became a couple. Another claimed it’s hard not to suspect their relationship when the talks about them keep popping up online.

Another netizen explained that the news of their relationship was a bit gross, while another asked if there was any reason they couldn’t be together.

When a clip showed Erlich following Rose to her hotel, one netizen called it really strange.

Meanwhile, amid the ongoing dating rumors, BLACKPINK has been reported to be Erlich’s sweetheart since 2018. If the truth is true, their relationship has been seen multiple times.

Rose and Erlich are reportedly together all the time, not just watching concerts together. They also attend parties and fashion events.

In fact, Erlich is often caught talking about BLACKPINK on Instagram, and so do the girls.

The blatant favoritism even accused them of making Lisa the most-streamed K-pop soloist by the end of the year and removing most collab streams. When angry fans raised the issue, the company changed the score again, naming BTS’ Jungkook as the most-streamed K-pop soloist after apologizing.

ARMY denounced the claim that Lisa was the most-streamed K-pop soloist and felt Jungkook deserved the title. They even posted the #SpotifyCorrupt hashtag online to show they disagreed with the outcome.

Imagine having more than twice as many listeners and still giving the title of most-streamed K-pop solo artist of the year to the other, said one fan. Shame on you guys for winning dirty titles.

They also accused the music streaming giant of not acknowledging the success of BTS. The app later issued an erratum, claiming it made a mistake.