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BLACKPINK World Tour: Lisa hints that she will play her hits ‘LALISA’ and ‘Money’

September 26, 2022

Fans have been excited about BLACKPINK’s upcoming world tour following the release of their second album, Born Pink. Since Lisa has already released her solo album, a follower wants to know if the members will be performing their solo hits individually.

And will it come to that? It looks like Lisa is hinting at the possibility of performing her solo hits on BLACKPINK’s upcoming world tour.

There’s no denying the success of Lisa’s solo career. She won the Best K-Pop Award for LALISA at the last VMAs. Her music video also broke two Guinness World Records, becoming the most viewed YouTube music video by a solo artist in 23 hours and the most viewed YouTube music video by a K-pop solo artist in 24 hours.

Therefore, fans are wondering if she will perform her hits LALISA and MONEY during her upcoming world tour. In a tweet about Koreaboo a fan asked Lisa which of her solo songs she was going to perform, to which she replied she didn’t know.

However, the fan couldn’t believe her words and said: Lies, after which Lisa admitted that it was a lie. She later revealed that she would probably do both and was looking forward to performing Money and LALISA.

In other news, TWICE’s Dahyun claimed that Lisa’s song LALISA was played as an advertisement on YouTube during her live broadcast in bubble fan chat, so AllKpop. At the time, the song was playing from her phone.

Moving to the beat, she said it was a YouTube ad and waited for the skip button to appear to stop the alleged ad. A heated discussion ensued between the TWICE fans, ONCE and BLINKS.

ONCEs took advantage of this to speak out against Lisa’s achievements as a solo artist, claiming she uses YouTube ads to gain viewership. As expected, BLINKs defended them, stressing that the video seen on Dahyun’s phone wasn’t an advertisement but an original clip that was being played as the TWICE member had likely heard it on their channel before.

However, ONCEs continued to attack Lisa and spread false news about her success as a solo artist. The hate comments grew and even spread online, leading to false smear campaigns. A hashtag that portrayed Dahyun as a victim and cast Lisa in a bad light even became a trend.

Since this also hurt YouTube’s image, the company broke its silence and issued an official statement to defend Lisa and clear its name.

In a tweet on one of its Twitter pages, YouTube explained that only account owners and managers can control the ads on their channels. It also made it clear that it doesn’t allow anything that artificially inflates metrics or delivers vids to unsuspecting viewers.