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BLACKPINK Rose, BTS J-Hope Dating Rumors: Fans Dispel Malicious Claims Surrounding The Two K-Pop Giants

June 22, 2022

BLACKPINK’s Rose and BTS’s J-Hope sparked dating rumors after South Korean-born French chef Pierre Sang shared separate photos with them on Instagram. Although they weren’t pictured together, they all seemed to be in the same place.

The rumors started when said snaps went viral after being posted on Nate Pann were posted. So is there any truth to that?

The poster stated that the two K-pop giants wore the same color of nail polish, adding to the rumours. The uploader even pointed out that they wore the same nail polish for a while, leading to speculation that they were dating.

However, once these suspicions surfaced, fans and netizens were quick to dismiss the claims, so AllKpop. Some said the rumors were ridiculous as there were many idols at Pierre Sang’s event.

They even explained that wearing the same nail polish color is just a coincidence and cannot prove that two people are dating. A netizen clarified that J-Hope only painted his nails because of the music video he was filming and the chef was just opening his restaurant, so many celebrities were visiting.

Another said Rose was there with her sister. Others have claimed that there were many male celebrities that the BLACKPINK member allegedly dated, making it appear as if they wanted to associate the girl group with BTS.

Meanwhile revealed clout newsthat Pierre Sang also posted photos with solo singer Somi, BLACKPINK’s Lisa and Jisoo and TWICE’s Nayeon. His posts featuring Lisa, Jisoo, and Somi were reportedly recorded at YG’s Black Label Studio.

Alternatively, his pictures appear to have been taken with Rose, Nayeon and J-Hope at the same dinner party at the new Louis Vuitton pop-up restaurant. The background of the photos shows that they were taken at the same location, although the timing could not be confirmed.

So it’s very likely that they were taken at different times even though they were posted together. However, there was a chance that these idols had met or seen each other in one way or another.

It was also found that Pierre Sang wore the same clothes in the three pictures with Rose, Nayeon and J-Hope. It was also good to know that Nayeon visited the Louis Vuitton pop-up restaurant last week, so it may have been taken at a different time or on a different day. So it’s up to fans to judge whether or not J-Hope and Rose are really dating.