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BLACKPINK Jennie, BTS V Rumors: Alleged Real Leaker Behind K-Pop Giants’ Leaked Photos Revealed

September 21, 2022

BLACKPINK’s Jennie and BTS’s V dating rumors continue, and eager fans seem to have figured out the alleged leaker’s personality. Aside from Gurumi Haribo, who shared the leaked photos of the alleged couple, someone else is behind the leak.

Rumors about V and Jennie started when a photo of them together while driving on Jeju Island surfaced on the internet in May. A series of private pictures followed, from a photo in the waiting room to a snap at the BTS member’s alleged home. So where are all these snaps coming from?

AllKpop has noted that there is speculation that Jennie’s private Instagram was hacked and the photos were leaked from there. Haribo once mentioned the leader’s name, Lee Joo Hyung, in August, and the online community began investigating who this guy was.

Jennie then blocked and unfollowed all of her followers on her supposed personal Instagram. But before she did, some said she unfollowed one person.

Netizens then found out that Lee Joo Hyung was a mutual friend of V and Jennie. They believed that he was on Jeju Island when the two were there and that he might be the one who took their photos.

Meanwhile, V reportedly attended BLACKPINK’s private party for their new album Born Pink, and his leaked photos with Jennie are going loud IWMBuzz now viral. The event took place at a cultural complex in Seongsu-dong, Seoul and was attended by some of Korea’s most famous stars, from actors to singers and more.

But alongside attending the event, V reportedly also spent time with all of the Pink Venom hitmakers. In addition to Jennie, he is said to have also befriended Jisoo, Rose, and Lisa.

Also, a photo of Jennie in the bathtub leaked to the internet, like Meaww quoted. The snap is said to be a selfie the SOLO hitmaker took herself with a black heart emoji.

Some said the snap was fake as her phone was missing, but others claimed it was real. Fans said the hackers had already dehumanized them by invading their privacy.

This worried both BLACKPINK and BTS fans, which is why the two fan bases are now asking their respective labels, YG Entertainment and Big Hit Music, to take legal action.

K-pop fans are now trending Protect Jennie’s privacy on Twitter, causing a stir. They say that the dating rumors about V and Jennie are already provoking the group’s fans, emphasizing that this is not a fan war but the fact that the leaks and rumors got out of hand and are crazy and are now stopped Need to become.