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BLACKPINK Jennie, BTS V Dating Rumors: Photo leaker set to stop posting alleged dating snaps but swears the pics weren’t edited

September 1, 2022

Twitter user Gurumi Haribo has garnered attention after he uploaded a series of alleged dating photos of BLACKPINK, Jennie, and BTS, V. However, since the leaker appears to have garnered tremendous attention, it has now decided to stop posting images of the two K-pop idols in an announcement on Telegram on Wednesday, August 31.

Gurumi’s Twitter page has already been blocked, so they only communicate via Telegram. They set up a group chat to answer questions about V and Jennie and give some updates.

In a chat room they shared about AllKpop that a lot had happened in the last 48 hours and that important people had spoken to them. As a result, they decided to stop posting content related to the two K-pop giants.

They promised to stick to their position and repeated themselves. No photos of Jennie and V were edited or photoshopped, they vowed.

They went on to say that legal representatives should only tell the truth and that those involved knew there were more photos and that they were the only ones who had those snaps. They urged people not to speculate too much.

They also confirmed that they have never worked with anyone who made this claim online. They then stressed that they would only use their Telegram chat room if they needed to correct misinformation published by the company.

Earlier, Gurumiho revealed that they had messaged Jennie several times but received no reply. When asked if they were afraid of legal action against them, they said they should let YG Entertainment and Big Hit Music know if anyone thought they had done anything wrong to get arrested.

Meanwhile, the alleged dating photos of V and Jennie started spreading again on August 23, as Pop Inquirer reported. At the time, Gurumi posted a picture of the BLACKPINK member showing a mirror selfie with V styled on the side.

Some claimed the photo was just edited, just like their alleged shared snap, which they took on Jeju Island in May. However, netizens could not find any individual images that could have been used to manipulate their so-called dating snaps, leading others to believe it was genuine.

A few days later, Gurumi shared another snap of V and Jennie, hinting that they were staying at the BTS member’s house, as the life-size mirror was often featured in his previous posts. With their respective agencies not commenting, fans have demanded they break their silence and defend their artists.