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BLACKPINK Comeback: Hints that Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, Lisa will be returning soon

March 8, 2022

Fans are now waiting for BLACKPINK’s comeback, which is set to take place later this year. Though YG Entertainment is silent on the exact return of Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa, fans are seeing multiple clues proving it’s about to happen.

It has been said that BLACKPINK will be making a comeback this year. In fact, a number of hints about her return have been dropped, from Somi’s accidental song leak to YG’s statement to Jennie and Jisoo’s confirmation.

In January, Jisoo revealed to WeVerse that the group will be back soon. While she didn’t reveal if it was the comeback fans were hoping for, many assumed it was.

At the time she said the girls will be back soon to make a lot of special memories with the BLINKs. She even added that they would be together for a long time.

What’s more, Somi appeared to accidentally reveal the K-pop idols’ comeback track during her Instagram Live. She entered a studio where an unfamiliar song was playing and a familiar voice could be heard.

Many believed that the singer sounded like Jennie, so they thought it was a new song by the group. To make matters worse, YG seems to be making big announcements about the girls’ return, as noted by Koreaboo.

In a statement released on Monday, March 7th, regarding Rosé’s health after contracting COVID-19, the label announced that the idol was released from quarantine and has now recovered. While describing her recovery, the company spoke about the future of the hitmaker.

It said that it would be grateful if fans would support Rosé and the rest of the BLACKPINK members as they return with a bright and vibrant image. While that doesn’t mean anything to the company, fans believed it meant something else.

They believed that the words bright and vivid could be the concept of Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa’s comeback. So does that mean they will be more alive and cheerful this time?

Meanwhile, Jennie herself confirmed her return when she appeared on Korean variety show The Game Caterers 2. She said they will be making a comeback soon, according to PhilStar.

Although she wasn’t sure if she was allowed to say it, she just wanted to do it because she was the only group member on the show at the time. Please look forward to it, she said. It looks like BLACKPINK’s long-awaited return is about to happen and fans can now celebrate.