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Black Mirror Season 6 release date, cast, storyline, and other updates

December 11, 2021

Black Mirror is a British drama drama series created by Charlie Brooker and has been running for over 5 seasons. As one of the most successful anthology series, Black Mirror has gained an iconic following over the years. With Season 6 just around the corner, we’re sure to see more.

Black Mirror first aired on Channel 4 in 2011 and later relocated to Netflix. The series has proven to be a remarkable commentary on social issues and structures. Black Mirror often takes a humorous look at human nature and has had considerable success during its run. Let’s talk about the Black Mirror season 6 release date, the cast, the plot, and more.

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Black Mirror plot

As an anthology series, Black Mirror features a brand new story in each episode. Since the episodes are between 41 and 89 minutes long, there is enough time to tell a full story. Black Mirror deals with many topics, most notably technology and how it can affect people and their surroundings.

The very first episode of Black Mirror got off to a bizarre start. It shows an act in which a princess of the British royal family is kidnapped. The kidnapper demands that the Prime Minister have sex with a pig on national television. The Prime Minister tries to forge the footage, but his attempts fail. After all, he has to do what the kidnapper asks.

Similar storylines run through every episode of Black Mirror. As mentioned earlier, they mostly relate to the aspect of technology and its negative impact on humans. But there are also a lot of comments on nihilism, self-discovery, jealousy, depression, etc.

Overall, the series offers viewers quite a diverse scenario and keeps them tied to the story. Needless to say, this is a revolutionary piece of media in the 21st century that is sure to affect many other shows in the future.

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Black Mirror Season 5 Recap

The repeat of Black Mirror season 5 is about the siblings Rachel and Jack who live with their father. On her 15th birthday, Rachel receives a present called Ashley Too, an AI toy that mimics the original singer Ashley O. She tries to perform one of her songs in school but fails.

Meanwhile, Ashley O is under pressure from her manager Catherine. To numb Ashley O, Catherine mixes her medication in her food, causing her to fall into a coma. Due to the condition of Ashley O, Ashley Too is malfunctioning. When Jack removes the restricted presence of the AI ​​toy, it becomes fully conscious.

They go to Ashley O’s house and get her out of a coma. The group then heads to the venue where Catherine holds an event to unveil Ashley Eternal, a holograph of Ashley O. Once the fire is under control, Ashley O works with Jack to perform her song.

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Black Mirror season 6 release date

Black Mirror Season 6 has not yet been confirmed for a release date. Brooker and Jones have withdrawn from the House of Tomorrow due to an intellectual property conflict. As a result, they lost the right to produce another season of Black Mirror.

Netflix approached the duo and signed deals for multiple series with their new company. However, the picture regarding the new season is still unclear. Without confirmation from Netflix, we cannot say anything about the future status of Black Mirror.

Black Mirror season 6 cast

Because the series is episodic, new cast members return to new episodes. Some of the most prominent actors to appear on Black Mirror so far include Bryce Dallas Howard, Hayley Atwell, Miley Cyrus, Jon Hamm, Daniel Kaluyya, etc.

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