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Black Clover Chapter 350 release date, spoilers: Sister Lily reveals Lucius’ cruel plan

February 2, 2023

Black Clover Chapter 350 titled Saint’s Penance spoilers have been released. Asta successfully rescued Sister Lily and returned her original self. Lily then reveals Lucius’ plan and hints at another fight.

Warning! The following content contains major spoilers of Black Clover Chapter 350. Read at your own risk.

A lot will happen in the next issue as Lily reveals Lucius’ plan and how he intends to carry it out. It all starts with Asta slashing Lily with his demon slasher katana, eventually turning her back to normal.

She apologizes to Asta for what happened, although he never blames her. She then reveals that she became a nun because she desires equality and is concerned about the clover kingdom’s class system.

But the gulf in magic shows no difference in the church, and it’s running away. She explains why she chose the orphanage, but her speech is interrupted when the Shogun Ryudo Ryuya arrives from the Land of the Sun in Black Clover Chapter 350.

He says that Asta has become much stronger after he saved her and that it is now her turn to do the same. Lily then reveals Lucius’ plans to hold the clover kingdom climactic battle, also known as Judgment Day, in three days.

The villain prepared for this fight by combining his soul magic with the body, bone, and blood magic of the Zogratis siblings. He has received tremendous powers from Dante, Vanica, and Zenon, allowing him to create humans out of thin air.

Lucius wants to take control of all magic in the world, including the Land of the Sun. After everything that has happened, Lily blames herself for siding with Lucius.

Asta forgives her but later faints. Ryuya believes that the only way to wake her up is to defeat Lucius, so they leave her in Fumito Fujito’s care to face Lucius. As Black Clover chapter 350 comes to a close, the five-headed dragon appears behind Asta, foreshadowing the fight between the two.

In Black Clover Chapter 349, Asta had promised to save Lily when they started a fight. He asked her why she sent him to Hino land.

Lily revealed that instead of sending him to Hino to save him, she cast a spell on him to kill him with space magic. But Lily didn’t want to kill Asta, so they just continued their brawl.

Asta was convinced that Lily was the same person he knew and was just being manipulated. He charged at her and attempted to return her to her human form using Anti-Magic Perfect Zetten and resisting leaving her as a paladin.

You can see what’s next when Black Clover Chapter 350 comes out on Sunday, February 5th.