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Black Clover Chapter 348 release date, spoilers: Asta vows to save Sister Lily

January 19, 2023

After a two-week hiatus, Black Clover Chapter 348 is finally here, and fans will see the aftermath of Asta’s training. After rescuing Ichika, he will try to save Sister Lily from Lucifer’s manipulation.

Titled Resolve, the new chapter will showcase what Asta learned from Yosuga and Fujio. While it remains to be seen if he can defeat a Paladin, his ability will be revealed in Black Clover Chapter 348.

Warning! The following content contains major spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Sister Lily is surprised to see Asta alive and even more shocked that Lucius doesn’t know about it. Yrul starts arguing about the human heart, calling it weak and shaming the Ryuzen Seven for collapsing in front of him despite being the strongest mages.

He then targets Asta, implying that he too has fears, and later revealing an illusion of himself in front of him. She shows his worries, such as B. not being the next wizard king and feeling like not being as talented as Yuno.

Yrul plans to bring down Asta to get Lucius’ approval, but Asta takes his fear in stride and slashes away the illusion with zetten in Black Clover Chapter 348. He says he has already cut off his weakness within himself.

Yrul starts attacking Asta, wanting to finish him off with a single attack. But Asta manages to cut him thanks to his training which allows him to see an opponent about to launch an attack.

Ichika watches as Asta cuts off Yrul’s powers. With Zetten, the user only has to see when the opponent wants to attack.

Coupled with Asta’s anti-magic ability, which can undo an enemy hit, it’s certainly a win for Asta in Black Clover Chapter 348. Then Asta sets his eyes on Paladin Lily and promises to save her.

Meanwhile, in Black Clover Chapter 347, Ichika believed that Ryuzen could handle the fight alone and didn’t need Asta’s help. However, Sister Lily launched a combination Ice and Space Magic attack.

A paladin with beast magic unfurled an illusion spell that revealed a person’s worst fears. Kezokaku saw a giant frog while Ichika saw her father.

The latter spoke to Yami about rebuilding her clan as her father recounted the medicine passed down through the generations. The pill was designed to draw out her demonic potential and drive her berserk.

Yami refused to take her, so her father gave her to Ichika. Then, when she saw people trying to flee during the massacre, she believed that she was behind the destruction of her own clan, not her brother.

Her father said to Ichika: As is expected of my child. Luckily, Asta appeared and rescued her just like Yami had protected her from the beginning.

Black Clover Chapter 347 will be released on Sunday January 22nd.